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I’m sat starring at the empty computer screen wondering where to start. The beginning? I’m not sure I know where the beginning was? I want this to be a positive read. I want it to help someone. I don’t want it to read as “woe is me”. It’s not that big a deal in the greater scheme of things. In all the things that can go wrong in life it’s not really up there with the really serious stuff or with third world problems, however, it floored me for a while and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I guess I’ve just started writing what comes to mind with no explanation as yet! It’s a delicate subject and I’m really not sure where the beginning was. I’m repeating myself, you can tell I’m nervous. I’ve had to hazard a guess at it. About three months ago a had a fairly serious muscle injury in the gym after doing some strenuous exercise the day before. I thought I was taking it easy and doing some stretching when really I should’ve rested completely. Anyway, something gave way, in a big way and I went green and nearly fainted on the gym floor. I can only think that what happened in the weeks to follow was the result of the “shock” of what happened that day. I’m no doctor but it seemed the only logical explanation. In the weeks to follow my hair started to thin. Not obvious shedding or falling out but visibly getting thinner on the top of my head. The blood tests and visits to the specialists followed with no real answers other than stress or trauma. This had happened before in 2013 when I had a double tonsillectomy and my mum passed away so I hoped this time was just a “blip” again. The fact that it hadn’t been dealt with back in 2013 meant I was on a wait list to see a specialist. Unfortunately, however, one particular visit to a scalp specialist left me floored and more stressed than I’d ever been during this whole journey with the news that my condition might get worse; was irreversible and could leave me with no hair in places forever. She mentioned scalp biopsies and all sorts ( I think she lost me at biopsy!) but I was told at this stage to go away; try not to worry and come back in three months if nothing had improved! Not great news and a diagnosis that was my worse fear. Not life threatening  but definitely threatened my life as I knew it in terms of facing the world and doing my job. Google was a mine field of hideous results and even worse images so I decided to leave well alone and stay positive and find my own ways of getting my head around the situation. Needless to say taking photos of myself and writing a blog was way off my agenda and brought it’s own disappointments to the table only adding stress to a situation that I was told may only be turned around by avoiding stress! GRRRRR! It became a horrible mess of anxiety; stress and frustration. Was I going to lose everything I loved doing? Would I be able to do my job feeling like I did about my appearance? So, what did I do? I cried until I felt I couldn’t cry anymore and then forged a plan. A plan that gave me hope. This is the positive bit! It was triggered by some support from my friend Jess. She does this “stuff” for a living! She eloquently called it “regression therapy”, I’ll call it “getting the tears under control!” (read more about Jess here). I was able to look outside of the situation and my plan took shape. I found comfort in my faith again. My “safe place” had been restored. A place I could go to again when emotions were too much to bare. You know the days, when it feels like you’re walking under a dark cloud. I thought about what might help my hair from the inside out and changed my nutrition from missing meals whilst working (another factor that I think played a part in all this over the summer shopping season) and sort advice in what natural products were available to support my hair while it wasn’t very strong. The latter happened by accident while I was looking at products in john Lewis in Birmingham. I was looking for a product to cleanse build up of products from the scalp and hair to give me a blank canvas to work with again. A member of staff asked if I needed help and after listening to my predicament she pointed me in the direction of AVEDA. There I met the lovely Nicky who let me cry… A LOT! She listened and gave me a plan of attack. See the word “plan” again. There was hope. She gave me some answers too to give substance to her claims that the products would work. I felt empowered to do something in this situation where there seemed no real medical answers. As I said before, I’m no doctor and this blog is purely my own personal journey but I hope it might help someone else too. Nicky took a picture of my scalp and I could see it was red and not very happy. She pointed me in the direction of the products she would recommend. I’ve visited her a few times since that day and had my scalp photographed to check my progress. I still cried! She still listened! And I still went away feeling lighter and happier that everything was going to be OK. That little word… OK. So small but actually the key to getting through this. I found ways to keep telling myself… it’s going to be OK!



The scalp massage brush – I love this brush! Having short hair it’s not something I did very regularly, brushing! I had heard of it’s benefits but thought of harsh brushes scratching my scalp. This does nothing of the sort and is a joy to use.

The Pramasana scalp cleanser –  OMG, LOVE this stuff. That simple!  It’s really the product I was initially looking for but thought it would come in the form of a shampoo. I love the fact that this stuff is about scalp health too.

The shampoo – First time around I bought the damage defence shampoo but I’m yet to move onto the new Invati shampoo to stimulate my scalp now my hair has got a bit stronger. I found this shampoo helped protect my fine hair from heat damage during styling from blow drying.

The conditioner – Again the complimentary conditioner to the shampoo from the Damage Defence Range.


There were several recommendations but I stuck to one as Aveada products aren’t cheap! I’ve been using the stay in conditioner for curly hair – “Be Curly”. This leave in product containers proteins to strengthen the hair and provides further protection from heat styling.


The final product that I used twice a day ( though I use less of it now) was the famous Aveda Invati scalp revitalizer. Aveda have just released a new version which I’ll buy on my next visit. It works straight away to thicken the hair. I’ve always been a bit sceptical about these sort of “quick fixes” or cosmetic solutions but actually this product got me out of the house when my hair was at it’s worst and to be fair probably stopped a huge amount of anxiety. I’m sure it does deliver on it’s claims too but to find something that took the panic out of going outside was worth every penny.


I’m a big believer in what you put into your body you get out. Good nutrition results in a strong and healthy body. I’m actually quite angry with mysef that I let this happen. I’m pretty sure that a factor in all this was missing lunch three or four times a week. Or rather not eating lunch till 3.30pm on the train home from work. At busy times in the Summer I was working 3 or 4 days a week shopping in either Solihull or Birmingham and would choose to not stop for lunch to give my clients as much of my time as possible. Since “hair gate” (as I’ve affectionately called it!) I’ve had to address this. I’m eating more protein now and eating straight after training when I go to the gym. By eating more protein I mean, way MORE! It was Mr.W who said you’re not eating enough protein and I thought I was always pretty good on this front? Turns out, he was right. I’m eating all the good stuff that I know is essential for hair growth. I’m taking my Hairburst vitamins (available at Holland and Barrett) too everyday. I’ve posted about these before (read it here). It might sound crazy but I think my hair improved almost in a week of eating more protein. It’s like my hair breathed a massive sigh of relief! Basically I’m covering all bases. I’m giving myself the best chance I can. I’ve  come to learn that my body seems to “attack” my hair first when I’m not 100%. It makes sense really as ones hair is the least important part of our body. I’ve always known that I “shock” easily. It feels like a physical wave of anxiety that goes from my head to my toes. I can actually feel it. By inside I mean the mind too. Obviously I needed to find ways to unwind. This didn’t mean the same thing as doing something I enjoyed. I enjoy going all out at the gym; I enjoy trawling through the internet looking at Pinterest and the latest trends and what’s on offer in new season fashion. Of course I love shopping too! This isn’t switching off though, it’s fun but it’s not switching off! This still is a challenge for me. Our water bill has gone through the roof I’m sure with all the hot baths I’ve been having to unwind in the evening!


Social media is frightening. It knew what I was putting into Google and searching for. Suddenly on my Pinterest feed were images of products to help thinning hair; hair styles for thin hair and miracle cures a plenty. Like I needed reminding my hair was in a bad way! The more I looked at stuff, the more came up. The more I was bombarded with images that would or could fuel the self loathing fire. I stopped clicking on “stuff”. In amongst the dross was a little gem. A big fan of natural oils and natural remedies I was intrigued by the claims made by these humble products. Completely consumer unfriendly by nature of their consistency ( and smell!) they have been unfairly labelled as  “alternative ” remedies rather than being seen on the shelves with celebrity endorsed designer beauty products.  Castor oil has amazing properties and has been used in natural remedies for centuries. Mixed with egg for protein and honey to provide moisture, you have a powerful hair mask. Sounds disgusting right? But it’s done wonders for me. At It’s worse my hair was nearly see through on the top (a good job I’m tall…ish!) but I’m convinced (in my case) that this mask has noticeably improved my hair density. I do it once a week, on a Sunday afternoon once we are home for the day. I whisk the three ingredients together; apply to damp hair and leave all afternoon under a towel turban thingy and wash it out before bed. I’m sat here as I type looking rather fetching! I’ll say it again, I’m no doctor and this is my journey but it’s the things that have helped me. Everyone is different and if you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair then  obviously consult a doctor first as there may well be health issues that need addressing that are different to mine and never use any products you are allergic to. This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

Cashmere jumper – HOBBS (sale)

Hoop Necklace – WHISTLES (sale but may still be in store)

Bracelets – (just seen) FOSSIL (Bicester Village) and PANDORA


Finding the positives. I realised that having a plan of attack stopped me feeling like a victim; made me realise I could be in control of something that seemed to have no answers and I realised I could make the situation better even if the problem hadn’t been resolved…. yet! Oh and don’t feel disheartened as sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. Find ways to ride the wave.

As I’ve had a break from this blog to make the Sunday roast, I’ve thought of a few more positives. I didn’t buy much! Sounds kind of a funny thing to say but I really learnt about myself. I learnt so much about what I felt really comfortable in. I guess it started out as hiding. I lived in black skinny jeans and a black wool crew neck. Perfectly nice and perfectly acceptable but I knew I was trying not to be noticed. As time went on I started to see that a natural evolution occurred. I was unable to stop being me. I was unable to stop trying to be my best despite the set backs. I bought things that I felt really at home in. Feeling safe was the key to not adding unnecessary pressure on myself. I was probably liking the things I always needed in my wardrobe. You could say the boring stuff but the reality was I bought less and bought better. My mantra! I would only buy something that I knew I’d wear to death. Let’s face it, if you feel like yourself in something, you’ll wear it. I finally bought a new puffer coat; some plain quality jumpers and I found my dream boots that I’d been looking for for years! The Winter sales were on and I wasn’t in the mood for “look at me” fashion so I stayed focused and bought some fabulous quality wardrobe staples like jeans and leather goods. I feel like I’ve got a clean slate. I’ve had a massive clear out at home with boxes for the car boot and better pieces going on Ebay. I’ve made some money to spend when the really good summer stuff hits the shop floor. I feel I might just be about ready to handle it. This was never gonna be a post with apologies or looking for sympathy, I always wanted it to be a post to say, I understand that life gets in the way and that it’s not always easy (or the right thing to do) to be swanning around in the latest trends. I can’t afford it for one thing. My lifestyle is such that I’d look like a first class clown if I went to watch the boys play rugby for example in anything other than my new puffer! I hope that there’s something here that might help you. I can’t promise that you’ll see me in glorious summer technicolour any time soon as that just wouldn’t be me but I will get back on track. I’m riding my wave!

Thanks for reading!


I’d like to thank Mr.W for his support. Kate my dear friend for the countless pep talks! Julie for being a rock for years and Jess for letting me cry! Not forgetting Nicky at Aveda who I was a stranger to, thank-you for listening and the lovely hand massages!




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By SolihullStyle      Jul 27, 2017


Every once in a while I like to write about beauty products. It’s nice to write about something other than fashion just for a change. This blog has come about on the back of my Facebook posts about making holiday packing easier. The products I’ll be taking on my hols take on the same ethos as my clothing. They’ll need to multi-task and they’ll need to work. For this reason I will only take products I know and trust to perform. So, from top pic to bottom:-

A’kin Pure Radiance rose hip oil

Available from Waitrose and Holland and Barrett and other online beauty products boutiques. I use this facial oil at night after cleansing. I love anything natural and this oil contains no sulphates; no parabens; no silicones; no ethoxylated cleansers; no pegs; no phthalates; no mineral oil; no artificial colours; no synthetic fragrances and no animal derivatives. It quite simply does what it says on the tin and delivers radiance to the skin. It is completely natural and doesn’t smell how you’d expect a posh product to smell. I think it smells like grass? I find this quite comforting actually knowing that I’m not using something that smells highly of fragrance but it might disappoint some?

L’Occitane 100% pure Shea butter

This tiny little pot is great for packing light and providing relief from dry skin. Fabulous for an outdoorsy holiday or a holiday in the sun. I used it for the kids too as it’s so natural. From dry patches on the hands to chapped lips.

Label M (Toni and Guy) Lemongrass shampoo and conditioner

Now this smells divine! I get on best with shampoos that do not contain sulphates as I have naturally curly hair and I can be prone to a sensitive scalp. I’ve found this stuff to work the best for me as an every day shampoo that neither dries my hair out or weighs it down. My hair drinks up the conditioner rather than letting it “sit” on the surface.


I don’t mind admitting that I had issues with my hair through health problems and bereavement. I’m growing my hair again now and there’s nothing quite like the summer months for boosting it’s growing capacity. I’ve been using these supplements for a year or so and I strongly believe I wouldn’t have got this far with growing it without these vitamins. I will continue to take them on holiday to support my hair through it’s growth spurt! Available from Hairburst and from Holland and Barrett who often have offers on supplements.


I quite simply trust Ultrasun.  My eldest is very pale but, if I use the sun cream (factor 50+) for the body correctly, he has never burnt and it really has lasted all day and even in and out of the water as kids do. I always use the face version. On a normal everyday basis I’ll use the factor 30 but on holiday I’ll use factor 50 if I’m out and about in any kind of sun. Available at lots of retailers now from John Lewis and Waitrose to Superdrug and online (QVC often has great offers).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little read. I realise that we are all different and expect different things from our beauty regime but, as I said before, it’s nice to change things up a little. I’ll be off on my hols soon so I may not get time to post the “outfits blog” before I go but I’ll do it as soon as I can. In brief, I tried to pack by outfit, making sure that I keep shoes and accessories to a minimum. I have posted a few tips on Facebook if you want to take a look. I will have to make a little confession and admit that I am finding it particularly challenging to keep shoes to a realist number in my case!!! Wish me luck! Thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoy your summer holidays no matter where you are.





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Now and then there are lots of things I want to share with you that, try as I might, don’t fit into a neat little package. This is one such blog. There’s fashion news; designer collaborations and shampoo all rolled into one! It’ll flow about as seamlessly as “The One Show”.


It’s HUSH. A modern and contemporary brand comprising of reworked classics in a fairly neutral pallet. Up until now it was only available by mail order but the range is currently on the shop floor in John Lewis Grand Central Birmingham. If we play our cards right it might come to Solihull? It’s easy breezy styling makes light work of school run styling. Have a look online and see what you think.





One of the first designer collaborations I remember was when Marks and Spencer worked with Betty Jackson, John Rocha, Anthony Symmons and others who at the moment I can’t remember. It must have been around 15-20 years ago when I was working in London as I can remember seeing the clothes on the shop floor in their Marble Arch flagship store. Since then there have been many high street retailers who have followed suit with lesser or greater success. We are all familiar with Designers at Debenhams I’m sure? H&M is also famous for it’s collaborations which causes queues for miles in the early hours of the morning in Regent Street when the collection is launched in store. Within moments it’s sold out online if you even manage to get to see it before the site crashes under the strain. So what’s new this time? John Lewis has joined forces with designer duo Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding to create “MODERN RARITY” (read the VOGUE article here). The clever bit and what makes this range different from other collaborations is that it obviously has amazing design flare but it’s totally wearable. Beautifully designed classic pieces to treasure as opposed to a short lived trend taking the credit. My kind of clothes! There’s some great items for work and their famous shirts have almost sold out at the minute on line. Have a look in store and again, see what you think?






I probably wasn’t!!! I just go full stream ahead! Stuff to say, tick! Put it in a blog, tick! Bonkers! Oh well, let’s talk shampoo then! Everyone has their favourite and everyone has a price they are willing to pay and everyone has different hair types. I’ve tried so many over the years and you could argue that all shampoos are the same. They just wash your hair don’t they? But a hairdresser once said to me that that was like saying all men are the same. Overs the years I have come to realise he was right. I’ve done the “I’ll just use baby shampoo because it’ll be kind to my hair” phase. By the way, it wasn’t (kind), it made my hair like straw. I’ve done the “I’ll buy a stupidly expensive treatment variety” because you get what you pay for don’t you? Well I didn’t (get what I paid for), I got really greasy hair! I’ve had short flings with some that I didn’t even get to the end of the bottle and I’ve had love affairs with some that lasted a good few years! At the moment I’m loving LabelM’s ( Toni and Guy) Lemongrass Shampoo and conditioner. I wash my hair everyday. My hair isn’t easy. It has a natural curl so like all hair prone to frizz it absorbs moisture making it flat and lank some days and super curly on others or even a mixture of both! It’s short but takes FOREVER to dry as it holds so much moisture. It gets greasy quickly so needs a cleansing shampoo but not one that dries it out, strips it of moisture and leaves it frizzy. All in all there’s a lot to “balance” when it comes to washing my hair. I’ve not even mentioned the dilemma of conditioner yet. Too heavy and I loose the curl and it just looks lank and oily by the end of the day; too light and I get frizz. The answer at the moment just simply seems to be this stuff which smells divine by the way too. It’s a fab everyday shampoo that quite simply does the job! I buy their supersize bottles on line which work out much cheaper and last for ages. If you’re not happy with the products you’re using at the moment then it might be worth a try? In fact I have tried a number of LabelM products and I have found that they do do what they say on the tin. WOOOHOOO, I can make a link. As it’s London Fashion Week next week I thought it only fitting to post about LabelM products as they are the official London Fashion Week hair care products. Phew, I did it! Right at the very end! Take note “The One Show!”



LABELM Organic Moisturising Lemongrass shampoo and conditioner

I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly nuts blog? Life it’s always wrapped up in neat little packages but I guess that’s what makes it fun. I’ll keep posting outfits as the season progresses and keep you up to speed with what I find. And by the way, I LOVE “The One Show”!! Thanks for reading!





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It’s starting to feel like Spring and it is the time of year when there’s often a bit more skin on show and therefore, naturally a time when we might reach for a few quick fixes to beauty dilemmas.  When it comes to beauty products I have to admit I’m not one to try lots of new things. I am the polar opposite of a “beauty junky!” I’d rather buy a new pair of jeans than the latest face cream. I’m the sort of person that needs a ‘problem to solve’ to invest! It’s a real “need” situation that will make me succumb to the purchasing of such frivolity! If my nails need some TLC I’ll research nail treatments and try the one with best customer reviews. If my skin is parched then I’ll buy a moisturiser, it’s that basic!  I know that often prevention is better than the cure but I can’t help who I am!



As I’ve got older and as I guess the “need” for products has gotten greater, I’ve become more interested due to the results that some products can give. We’re all different and I realise than one persons treat is another persons nightmare. What is one ladies spray tan is another ladies Christian Louboutin. So, in a nut shell, if I buy it more than once it has to work, for me at least.



There are brands that I love and if I could buy everything they produce I would. One such brand is L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE. I love ALL their hand creams; lotions and more… My first desert island beauty product has to be L’OCCITANE foot cream. Not glamourous I know but it is lovely all the same. After the first application you can see a difference. It doesn’t smell like medication either. Spring is here and it won’t be long before we will all want to get our feet into sandals and flip flops. After a good old foot file (nice!!) I like to slaver this rich lotion all over the feet before bed. In the pics you can see I’m in need of fresh supplies!






Well not mine! My second hero product is NAIL ENVY from OPI. It’s a nail treatment that needs commitment to see results but after years of searching (and bitten brittle nails) I’ve found NAIL ENVY to be the only product that protects my fragile nails successfully. I’ve tried various nail strengtheners and hardeners but always found that they made my nails hard but also brittle. Nail envy keeps the flexibility of a natural nail to avoid breakages whilst protecting it from absorbing moisture which can damage the nail from within. I now wear rubber gloves while washing up and use my NAIL ENVY. I don’t have long talons because of this product as I can’t function with long nails but I do have good condition nails with a nice little bright white tip. Sticking to the regime is the key to success as if I stop using the treatment then my sensitive nails return.






The perfect partner to nail envy is OPI’s NAIL POLISH REMOVER. Once I had discovered NAIL ENVY I soon realised that I was still damaging my nails due to the harsh remover I was using (the really smelly cheap paint stripper variety!!) It made sense to try OPI. Their remover does what it says on the tin but doesn’t damage my nails. I feel I also need to mention here my LEIGHTON DENNY crystal nail file which has also played its part in restoring the condition of my natural nails.






LEIGHTON DENNY crystal nail file



I should have done hair, skin and then nails! O.K, I’ll work backwards! It’s onto skin care then. I’m not going to even think about tackling moisturisers as you will all have your individual favourites and budget. I mean some face miracle creams can be hundreds of pounds. No, I’m going to discuss the humble make up remover (cleanser if you want to be posh). It’s something that a lot of us don’t pay too much attention to, cleansing, and most women might say they just use wipes. I have to admit when my eyes are ragging at the end of the day and I’m too lazy to do it properly I have been known to resort of one of the kids value wipes!  Since I’ve had my hair cut short I have found that I wear more eye make up if I need to be smart or if I’m going out for the evening. It all needed to be taken off at bed time. This is where the “need” kicked in and I had to find a product fit for the job. I did my usual product search on line and there were so many cleansers. I needed more than just a cleanser though. I needed something to really cut through make up and not leave me with panda eyes in the morning after long sessions of scrubbing and dragging at my eyes. I tried Liz Earle Cleanse and polish due to it’s amazing customer reviews but it didn’t suit my skin and I ended up with breakouts that were worse than the spots that I got as a teenager. I thought it must be something else but I stopped using it and my skin went back to normal. The lady at Liz Earle said it was because my skin was used to not being cleansed properly after all the years of using wipes! Not convinced I went on line and searched through what was on offer at QVC. This is one of the best places to try out Beauty Brands. I’ve learnt so much by watching the experts talk about the products. So what did I find? I decided to try a cleanser by an Australian brand, ALPHA H. I’ve never looked back. No break outs just very clean skin and no panda eyes! It takes off every bit of make up, even bullet proof waterproof mascaras. There’s no scrubby or pulling of the eye area as the creamy lotion melts away your make up. The only thing is that it is so effective at liquefying my make up that I look like ALICE COOPER before I manage to wipe off all the black with a hot flannel!








ALPHA H balancing cleanser – QVC (super size pump bottle)


On the back of being so thrilled with their everyday balancing cleanser that I have now purchased their micro cleanser. I’ll use this once a week as a scrub to slough off dead skin cells and give my skin a lift for the weekend! Check me out!




ALPHA H micro cleanse – QVC

The product combinations at QVC are always changing and I can only find their micro cleanse sold with other products in their range at the moment but it is worth taking a look at the range as a whole actually as there is something for everyone and some impressive customer reviews. QVC – ALPHA H


Geese, this is a tricky one! Where do I start. A bit like moisturisers, It’s a huge area of discussion where you will again all have your favourite product. This isn’t going to be about shampoo for exactly that reasons. This is about the sensitive issue of hair health. I was going to start with saying that I wish that I had long flowing locks then I realised that I didn’t! If you know me or have seen a pic you will know I have short hair. I had it cut short after the birth of my second son. If I’m honest I think my hair had lost the plot after the birth of my first son but I was probably too busy to notice at the time. I struggled with the lack of fullness to my locks so I decided to get rid of the problem. My hair and not the children! So it wasn’t a style choice thing it was a survival mechanism with the dynamics I had to deal with. Not a life threatening condition, granted, but a hugely complex and emotional issue for a woman. I mean we aren’t supposed to loose our hair are we? I was only in my 40s and there were a lot of tears. After the kids there was personal heart ache with the loss of both my parents in a relatively short space of time and a small operation (double tonsillectomy) which I’m convinced led to the shedding of my hair. I tried various vitamins and supplements. I read a lot about the triggers that are thought to be related to hair loss which included all the above. It happened in cycles so I had good times and bad times but it was happening. Then I stumbled across HAIRBURST. I first saw it on Twitter of all places. A celebrity was praising its results after trying it. I was intrigued so looked into the claims further. I’m not usually swayed by such endorsements but desperate times and all that! I liked the fact it wasn’t dodgy! It was a vitamin supplement available from HOLLAND AND BARRETT ( I’ve only found it in the larger stores or readily available on line). After a few months I wondered if it was just wishful think but my hair definitely felt more manageable.It happened slowly. I realised one day that I had got ready to go in super quick time and hadn’t fretted about my hair! I persevered and I’ve been using it for 6-9 months (religiously) and I can now say with hand on heart that I can feel a real difference in the density of my hair. I don’t think it’s good enough to grow it long ( I wouldn’t want to now) but at least I don’t panic about what my hair is doing when I leave the house! What is there is better than it was: the shedding has stopped (for now) and my hairdresser has described my hair as “normal” after knowing me for the last 7 years of hair crisis management! Happy Days, my hair covers my head! That’s all I ask!



HAIRBURST – Holland and Barrett (box of 3 jars)

Buy one get one half price at the moment on all products including supplements

Single jar (60 capsules)


Sorry if this blog has turned into a catalogue of my ailments?! I started out quite up beat didn’t I and all flowers and pretty products then it all turned a bit “bodily”. Apologises, again! I did it in the hope that some of these beauty bits and bobs might actually help someone?


The next blog? It’s going to be what I promised last time! Some outfit ideas and hero finds off the high street for the summer months ahead.



SWEATER – Zara JEANS – Zara NECKERCHIEF – H&M BAG – Banana Republic SHOES – Office

Until next time I’ll leave you with a little taster of some clothing, shoes and accessory items that have caught my eye. I hope you enjoyed this blog? I’m wondering what it is that you can’t live with out? Please don’t say chocolate and Prosecco, that goes without saying!

Savings to look at!