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I have to say it’s tough ticking every box. Writing blogs, posting on Facebook and Twitter; filming IGTV videos and juggling the day job as well as family life.
I’ve always wanted my social media to be a safe place for readers to come and enjoy and feel part of something special that’s theirs as much as mine. I love making the blog pretty to look at with hopefully some creative flare in the imagery and not just about buying any particular piece of clothing featured.
The IGTV videos have become a fun way to show different styles in motion. The point was to hopefully encourage others to give different things a go. I absolutely love planning them and posting them. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to engage with them and comment. None of my social media would be worth while if others didn’t enjoy it and for your connection with it I am hugely grateful.
So this blog quite simply came on the back of rushing out the door to make the most of a special day.
Over the past few years I’ve made a conscious effort to invest in clothes I’ll actually wear! Classics with a bit of edge. What can be more classic than a camel coat! Pick your budget and the shade that suits you. Buy the best your budget will allow when it comes to coats and the fabric will reward you with years of wear. Great with animal print, beautiful beiges, brights or denim. Can be dressed up or down.


Left MANGO Right H&M 






So it’s full steam ahead with social media! On to the next IGTV video which I’m planning to feature my camel coat. If you follow me on Instagram please watch the videos and make any suggestions for ideas for topics to film. 

I hope you enjoy my musings about style and fashion. lots of love…and thank you for reading XXXX


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You kinda have to pick and choose the days when this works in the UK but when it works it’s a classy change from black in the winter or the rather predictable pop of colour somewhere in our outfit against a backdrop of more black that we all do as a knee jerk response to grey days.

I started doing the videos to show the diversity of different items in our wardrobes. To show how something could be worn different ways for different climates and different situations we find ourselves in through the seasons.

This Winter White video came about to show different ways of wearing ivory as the temperature drops. I love adding milky tones into my autumn wardrobe as it lifts even the dullest palette and works better with black than strong colour. The only thing is that it’s not particularly practical if the weather is rubbish! So I find adding another neutral shade stops things looking too precious or too weddingy! Let’s face it, EVERYTHING looks amazeballs on Pinterest but can look a bit costumy in real life?

Adding camel, beige or grey just seemed the right thing to do. A cream coat has to be the most impractical item of clothing ever closely followed by cream trousers! So I used ivory jeans which can be chucked in the washing machine with no dry cleaning required.  Also I wanted to flag this pair up. I’m pulling back from having a wardrobe full of Zara BUT I fell in love with these palazzo style pair. Not for everyone granted but I’m sure you could do the “look” with a shape that works for you.

There’s never been a better time to buy into neutrals. It’s been around for a few seasons now and never goes out of style. Think about textures to keep things interesting. Satin, sequins, ribbed knits, pleats…..the list is endless. Details too and proportions that work for you. You might swap the wide leg for a neat cigarette shape if you’re petite? Watch your creams too! If they’re too similar it can make one look dirty against the other. Cream and bright white sometimes works better together than trying to be too matchy matchy?

The purpose of the exercise as always is to be helpful. To inspire enthusiasm and encourage experimenting to find what works for us. Good luck team!

Just a few lovely beigey bits to wet your appetite below! There is just too much to choose from! I’m rather impressed with ARKET and COS this season who seem to still be able to deliver decent quality at a fair price. Investment pieces that can be enjoyed and worn different ways for years to come.

There’s a little Youtube video at the end of this blog using clothes from my own wardrobe

Ribbed Sweater – H&M

Wide worker palazzo jeans – ZARA

Wool blend coat – ZARA

Wool mix coat – H&M available in stores

Cigarette jeans – WEEKDAY

ribbed knit – ARKET


Caramel silk satin blouse – ME+EM

Cable knit sweater – The White Company

So thank you for reading. Every read, like, comment and share makes a little difference to my little home grown business that hopefully is becoming something that people enjoy and feel a part of. Please join the party on my other social media platforms and enjoy free styling inspo and shopping ideas, fashion and fun!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the blog!


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I thought I’d write a blog about our travels. Not around the world, that might be yet to come, but quite simply a blog about Cornwall. I thought someone might find it helpful as we’ve been going as a family for the last four years and each time we go we learn something new or find another hidden treasure or fall in love with a place we’ve been before in a different way as the kids grow up. What they want changes from year to year. Probably you’ll understand if you have young children that knowing in advance what to expect is the key to them having a good time and that happy children means happy parents and everyone can relax and have a good time! They’ve gone from paddling at the edge of the waves; to body boarding and now they’ve tried their hand at proper windsurfing only to return home with requests of surf boards for CHRISTMAS!

Each year we have to scour the coastline for bigger and bigger waves and I’m sure there are even more hydrangeas! 

This wouldn’t be a fashion blog without a few outfits splashed about too!


We LOVE Mevagissey. It’s a place we usually visit in the evening. If we’ve had a shorter day on the beach as the weather turns it gives us some time in the evening to stroll along the harbour wall and see the town at sunset. A great fish and chips supper is enjoyed by all.
My eldest is at the stage where he enjoys spending time with his Dad probably more than me! So learn to sea fish was on his holiday agenda and Mevagissey is a perfect place for a novice. Pulling line after line full of mackerel from the sea was met with great delight and his Dad became his hero. Though I’m not sure who was the happiest? The joy that it gave Mr.W was clear to see. To be able to deliver the experience to his son was priceless. As I write this blog I get quite emotional as it makes me realise the sacrifices my own parents made and the lengths they went to to make us happy and give us a childhood full of wonderful holiday memories. I wish that I could tell them in the wisdom that being a parent myself has brought, that I am grateful.

As the eldest bonded with his Dad over smelly fish, broken lines and hooks in fingers I got to go shopping in all the cute little seaside gift shops that the harbour at Mevagissey has to offer and try great Cornish ice cream and handmade crepes!  Poor me!! (try She Sells café in the harbour) 


A little lost and out of the way but we fell in love with this bay and it became our favourite destination this year as on the right day it pleased everyone.

The boys got their surf and got to try out real surf boards hired from the local café on the last beach of the bay.

I got to swim in the sea numerous times rather than just freeze my bits off at one attempt!

It was the only beach all holiday that MR.W enjoyed without his wetsuit and played in the surf with the kids, dodging waves and body boarding.

Be advised though that every day is different on these shores depending on the direction of the wind and the amount of sun in the sky! The children had to learn to embrace each day for what it had to offer and understand that life isn’t always perfect but fun can still be had even after any initial disappoint.

Whitsand Bay has an RNLI lifeguard too which means as long as the kids are within the yellow flags and obeying the lifeguards instructions, as parents, you can relax a little in the knowledge they are being watched. There is a long, fairly steep walk down to the bay too so don’t attempt it with pushchairs or very tiny children unless you want to carry them too along with the kitchen sink that we seem to ALWAYS have to take down to the beach! Why is it the stuff you choose to leave in the roof box is always needed and the stuff you lug up and down the hill is surplus to requirements? 

Poor Mr.W stood on a weaver fish. Agony like no other apparently! After the pain of sea fishing at Mevagissey poor man felt a little worse for wear and in his words “was only able to function with his left side by the end of the holiday!”


The most classically beautiful beaches in Cornwall. The ones in all the post cards. White sand and crystal clear aqua waters. A bit of a drive for us from St.Austelle so we tend to make the effort when we know it’s going to be a bit of a scorcher.

There’s rarely surf for the kids so there needs to be sun so they can simply enjoy the sea, the long stretch of sand for beach games and watching (I stress watching!) their dad make his annual sand sculpture. Amongst friends it has become a bit of a talking point! Little dot always sods off with his brother then once it’s finished stands close enough that passers by think he’s been involved!

There’s no life guard but it’s generally a calm surf. There’s beach activities organised by a local kids club that included a tug of war and beach volleyball. The parking is a challenge at both beaches. Carbis bay can be easily reached by coastal train with it’s station right on the bay. We managed to park this year but it was a long walk to and from the car. St.Ives is the same. Every year we park up the hill at the local rugby club (£6 this year for all day parking) but it is a very long walk and a steep climb back up the hill when your hot and tired with the kids after a day on the beach. There is a shuttle bus but obviously this gets very crowded at peak times in the summer holidays, especially at the weekend. We walk to the co-op half way up the hill. Mr.W leaves everything he’s carrying with us and comes to get us with the car. It’s not for the faint hearted but there’s not many other options unless you’re actually based in St.Ives. Out of town parking at the train stations has proved impossible in the past too if you’re not prepared to be up at the crack of dawn packed and ready with two boys! (one of which is sleeping in every morning on the cusp of becoming a teenager!)

At St.Ives there is a car park nearer the beach but this gets full quickly and it’s a case of sitting tight and waiting for a space.

Top picture is Carbis Bay. The rest are taken at St.Ives.


A place of crazy natural beauty. It has a very high high tide that leaves hardly any beach. It’s a National trust location so it can, in good weather, get VERY busy as there’s no where to sit until the tide makes room for it’s visitors. Avoid the temptation to sit too close to the cliffside as falling rocks are dangerous.

The boys enjoyed big waves here between the rocks but there’s not really room to body board or surf. The magic happens when the tide goes down enough to be able to slip between the rocks and visit the next cove. Stunningly beautiful and weirdly humbling.

Café on the cliff but no lifeguard.


We tend to visit Looe on a cloudy day. Eldest enjoys a spot of crab fishing with long suffering Mr.W and I, yes you’ve guessed it, get the retail therapy and local delicacy tasting option with the youngest! Blooming good fish and chips here too at Dave’s Diner!


We’ve  visited so many different places over the years so I’ve listed some below that we’ve enjoyed:-

St. Michael’s Mount. Checking the tide for when the causeway is open is essential to avoid disappointment. It’s a National trust site.

Porthpean Beach. A small shingle beach that was local to us. Definitely  worth a visit when it’s sunny otherwise it’s a bit bleak and seaweedy! The boys have enjoyed kayaking here in the past. Available to hire at the beach. No lifeguard.

Pendower Beach. Again a nice little local shingle beach with rock pools and surf. No lifeguard.

Caerhays Beach. Local long shingle beach which if the wind is right has a great body boarding surf but check before visiting as it can be a bit lack lustre if the weather is poor. No lifeguard. Nice café that often has entertainment into the evening and a pizza oven. Lots of seating available under large roofed tents. A bit of a surfer dude location!

The  phrase of the holiday became “let’s catch some gnarly waves dudes!” I think you had to be there!


So we were camping and definitely NOT glamping! A few holiday essentials to follow! I found these two hair products invaluable on holiday. They stopped my hair feeling like straw after the sea and meant it was protected from the sun too. I’d use the mask combed through my hair with my fingers on the beach and used the protective veil whilst out and about in the sun or by the pool.

It wasn’t particularly easy, and actually the point of the holiday was to not feel the need to bother, to look glam on holiday. It was more surviving the different situations one found oneself in!  One minute it was sunny, the next minute the heavens would open. Very much what you’d expect from a holiday in the UK. I had to remind myself of that on many occasions to ovoid getting disappointed. So in amongst the location shots is a splattering of outfit pics. I found an oversized cotton shirt on the beach proved to be a great beach cover-up. Looked a bit cooler than a traditional beach cover up and far less precious for screwing up in my basket! Whilst around the pool I felt happier to up the style anti a little with a kaftan. If you can get away with the length I think there’s something really glamorous about a floor length number! 

You all know I love basket bags in the summer and I love my ones from Bohemia Designs. Round ones are everywhere on the high street but there’s something reassuringly authentic about this one and I love that the brand is Fairtrade too. Accessorise it as you choose with tassels (also available at Bohemia Designs) or a head scarf….or anything you like really! 


I’m not too keen on spending a fortune on holiday clothes especially those worn on the beach so I was pleased to find this little coordinating set from Matalan. The ease of a two piece with the benefit of looking like a playsuit.

I guess it’s about time to wrap it all up and give you some links! I hope you’re all enjoying your summer hols no matter where you are. I’m not going to bang on about next season just yet. Let’s all bask in the sunshine that might be left.

Bikini – Fantasie

CO-ORD – Matalan

Basket – Bohemia Design

Hair products – AVEDA

Leather tan slides – Dune London

Kaftan – Somerset Alice Temperley at John Lewis

Cotton shirt – ZARA

Flip flops – Havaianas at OFFICE 

Sunglasses – Accessorize

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the blog!


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You would be forgiven for thinking that this is a blog about cucumber sandwiches and Battenberg cake. Nope!

I was invited by Wing Wah in Birmingham to try their newly launched “Afternoon Tea”. A set menu of authentic handmade Chinese dim sum and treats all washed down with a choice of oriental tea.

Such fun to do something different. On a weekday too sans kids!  Just MR.W and I. I’d never tried dim sum before and neither had he. My experience of Chinese cuisine I’m rather embarrassed to admit is the traditional take away that’s very much tweaked to suit a western palette. I’ve consumed, even more embarrassingly, my fair share of “eat as much as you like” Chinese buffets as a student whilst living in London.

The Afternoon Tea selection was created to include many of the restaurants’ most popular dim sum and pastry dishes. All handmade using natural colours from beetroot and spinach. The three tiered platter is reminiscent of the presentation that one might see at many a cream tea venue. In the same way it’s contents were both sweet and savoury. All perfectly formed and beautifully made.

So a very different experience for Mr.W and I. A privilege to be invited and a wonderful chance to try authentic Chinese cuisine handmade by artisans of their craft. It’s something new to try, a real ice breaker amongst work colleagues perhaps on a corporate lunch or a chance to do something different in your own home city?

Mr.W did ask me as we started our meal if I’d only invited him as my royal taster! I did make him try everything before I took my turn! That’s not a failing on the restaurant’s presentation or service which was exceptional by the way, however, it was a dining experience that we had never had before. That’s just my limited western pallet that’s to blame. Or rather that I didn’t know what everything was before I ate it. Was it sweet or was it savoury? With the traditional English high tea I’m fairly confident we’d all know the difference between the main course and the dessert! It was all delicious I just needed a bit of guidance!

In short the Afternoon Tea set menu is a great way of trying something new; something truly authentic; something that normally you wouldn’t do or something that would usually take the trip of a lifetime to take the plunge to try and at no great financial outlay either. My advice would be ask for help; ask as many questions as you need; ask what everything is and enjoy the taste bud journey! I even asked for a fork! I know!!! We were the only people slurping soy sauce on our dim sum dangling from stainless steel cutlery! Ha ha!


What to wear to a Chinese lunch? A kimono sprung to mind! You all know how much I love my dresses so I wore this traditional outer layer/ “throw over”  as a dress. While we’re on the theme of East meets West it seemed fitting to chuck on a vintage Levi studded belt to offset all the Oriental florals. It’s fair to say that you lovely lot have probably noticed all the sales are on now so I’ve thrown a few midi dresses out there at the end of this blog to wet your appetite. Sizes are limited as it’s the end of the season. Perfect timing to get dressed up and enjoy the sun!

REISS – EMMI midi dress WAS £235 NOW £165

TED BAKER – Narrnia midi dress WAS £229 NOW £114

SANDRO PARIS – WAS £315 NOW £157.50

GANNI – WAS £180 NOW £126


SANDRO – WAS £369 NOW £221.40

MAJE – WAS £315 NOW £157.50



Thanks for reading!!



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This blog is a nice little break from all the IGTV videos I’ve been doing of late. Thank you so much to everyone who has personally expressed their enjoyment of them. They are a labour of love so your feedback means the world to me.

Now and then I get invited to an event. Often it’s a get together of like minded souls who all enjoy something that’s been well done. Something that’s new and exciting to be tried or just a chance to network and connect with other  local businesses. What’s great about these occasions is that you meet different people. I’m often the only fashion stylist and blogger so it’s a great opportunity to learn what’s going on in my local area.

One such wonderful invite was a chance to have a meal at LASAN on James Street in Birmingham to review their new “Weekend Feast”. Sounds great doesn’t it! Oh and it was. I felt very grown up and rather “rock ‘n’ roll” being out on a Sunday lunchtime having cocktails and dining without the kids!

What an absolute joy having your own cocktail made and eating a splendid three course meal in the company of interesting people. The “Feast” is the main course in the pictures I’ve taken below. Tender lamb on a bed of saffron spiced rice served with curried vegetables, a lentil dahl, naan bread and gravy. My particular favourite was the cauliflower. A set menu at £35 per head. We were spoilt rotten with a starter and a desert too which would normally be itemised separately on the bill. This is not a sponsored post and it’s not in paid partnership so all views are my own. Honestly I’ve never tasted such a delicious Indian meal. Now I like hot food but Mr.W doesn’t. I used to struggle to understand him when he used to say he liked spicy food but then he wasn’t ever keen on going to an Indian restaurant for dinner because the food was too hot? I never got it! Now I understand what he meant!!! The meal at LASAN was so full of flavour, aromatic and spicy. You could actually taste the different spices used. There was very little heat (in a good way) but oodles of flavour. 

The purpose of the exercise that day was to review  the “Weekend Feast”. Fine dinning meets Lunchtime relaxed socialising with friends or family at a considered price point that might appeal to a wider audience.  For me, and this is obviously by no means going to be everyone, my daytime weekends will always include two young children. Weekends  involve sporting commitments so going out for lunch rarely happens. My youngest never strays too far for the traditional bland children’s menu! I don’t think even the “blandest thing” they had would cut it with little H! It’s true though!

Ahhh, but, then, here’s the thing. The food was AMAZING! I’d thoroughly recommend it. I’d go with the girls for a special night out. I’d go with Mr.W for a rare meal as just the too of us…in the evening though, as a special treat; as something to really look forward to and the chance to experience fine dining with a pretty cool interior to boot! That’s how it makes sense to me! I lift my shoulders to shrug as there’s going to be those that thought differently and a fabulous lunchtime curry would be right up their street.  

At the end of the day LASAN is a wonderful restaurant with great food that is most definitely worth a visit and one that I would thoroughly recommend.

PS: I couldn’t resist taking some pics of the loos! Gotta know what the ladies look like! Love a good interior! How glam?! Ha Ha!

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different blog. Thank you for reading! On to the next styling video me thinks.



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I’ve wanted to do a suit styling video for absolutely ages. We had all the grey check versions in the winter and no surprises but now it’s summer we’ve got an array of colour pop options to choose from on the high street.

The problem I was having, and it’s a common issue with buying a suit, is that I might love the blazer and not like the style of the trousers or visa versa. If I’d found a pricier one obviously I’d consider going down the alterations route but  if i’m being totally honest I was looking for a bit of a fashion fix without too much investment!  So I ended up trialling this bright blue baby from Zara for the purpose of the exercise. Now I’ve broken myself into the whole suit thing I might buy better for keeps? I can feel a trip to Bicester coming on!

The benefit (which I have to say I didn’t think of straight off as I was too suit obsessed!) is that of course you still have a blazer that you can wear with everything from jeans to dresses and a pair of statement trousers that can be styled alone.

You may have your own suit or separates that you can styling together to give a similar vibe. Pairing neutral tones of stone and beige together is a massive trend this summer. 

My videos are just a bit of fun. Nothing too serious and just ideas to get you thinking about your own wardrobe and the choices you make for yourself. Your lifestyle and your style will be completely different to mine but hopefully you enjoy watching my antics if nothing else! 



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By SolihullStyle      Apr 04, 2019

The next video is now live on IGTV (Instagram) and YouTube. We’ve chosen to download onto YouTube for readers that aren’t on Instagram.

Last week we had that one day of glorious sunshine…you know the one…that one day that was probably our summer!!!! I was court out to be honest, I know! I’ve spent so long trying to manage transition and the extreme change was so out of the blue after all the hail and frosty mornings that even I thought …there’s gotta be a catch must be cold even though it’s sunny!

As a knee jerk reaction to the situation and the need to get out of the door as opposed to being super organised and all over it like I should’ve been, I pulled out my culottes. Paired with a linen shirt and gold sandals I felt suitably dressed for the day ahead.

I know I bang on about the weather like ALL the time but it’s the main driver to what I choose to wear these days. It used to be what I was doing that day, it sorta still is, obviously, but the weather is driving me nuts as it’s become such a huge factor in everything. I’m either freezing because I’ve been over optimistic or all wrapped up and dressed for winter and then the sun comes out! GRRRRRR! Ha Ha!

Anyways, the culottes gave me a life line that I’m very grateful for! They are super versatile throughout the seasons and can be easily dressed up or down. From super sporty to super smart. Great for work too or the weekend with trainers. They are one of those pieces where you can play with juxtaposition … you know…something seriously utility on top like a shirt with pockets but pair the ensemble with heels for a night out to give that all in one look. The styling options are endless. They could easily be a super bright colour if that’s your bag or more of a tailored fit if you’re petite. The high rise works well for me as it keeps the length in my leg despite being cropped.



By SolihullStyle      Mar 19, 2019

So what’s new at Solihull Style? Well, I’ve been trying to up my game a bit more on social media. You know…fighting my corner out there in the ether amongst the selfies!!! I’ve started doing throwback Thursdays every Thursday… ooo on a Thursday ha ha! … on Facebook and Instagram to give readers a bit more insight into my background and experience in the fashion industry from design to styling. To show I’ve been doing this “thing” for a very very long time. From knowing about fabrics, fit, design and clothing consultation to understanding what women want and how styling works for a particular individuals need. Having empathy too with the struggles that life and family can throw our way. They are skills that take time to learn. The creative design part was there from the beginning! I never found it easy to talk about what I’m good at, it’s odd that. Maybe it’s a generation thing? Don’t brag! No one likes a big head? I dunno …. but lately I’ve realised it’s important to give people insight into your knowledge and experience. I’d want to know! So, if you want to know… and actually there’s some pretty cool stories too, stay tuned! Actually it’s not cool to say cool is it? So my now 10 year old keeps telling me!!! 

I’ve been doing videos too. They started out about six weeks ago on IGTV on Instagram and they are going to be on Youtube too moving forward, so that I can post them on the blog for those that aren’t on Instagram. The idea behind the videos was to show how different outfits can be built around a few key pieces like jeans, a black trouser or a dress. I might use a few new season items just to add interest and keep things fresh and current. I can’t justify a whole new wardrobe every season but I might buy a few bits to add a new colour I like or a modern accessory. I’m guessing that’s true for most of us? Hopefully the videos illustrate this and hopefully you all have your own pieces at home that you can reinvent in your own way too. It’s just an exercise in getting our grey matter working and to encourage you to get items out of your wardrobe and wear them! 

 Each video starts off in the week at the planning stage! Lots of ideas go down on paper! Lots of scribbles! The notes of a mad person or a stroke of genius…. who knows… ha ha! I’ve really enjoyed doing them as it reminds me of the good old days….. planning outfits for London Fashion Week or jotting down design ideas while you’re out and about watching other stylish people go by in London…. absorbing your environment and taking inspiration from things that speak to you. Let’s all find our creative side and tap into the season ahead and style that we love. 

I hope you enjoy the funny little stories about my crazy career if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram and I hope you get something from the videos too! 

The idea for the video today came from this crazy weather we’ve been having of late. There’s been balmy evenings and abnormally high temperatures to almost artic conditions and heavy hail. You all know I love the versatility of a dress and if you do too, here’s one to watch!!!! Enjoy xx


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By SolihullStyle      Feb 28, 2019

You all know by now that I’ll happily do online shopping but in my defence it’s when I can’t find a particular something in store. I’ll use the store search first. I’ve spent so much time returning stuff over the years. Now I know the brands I love my online shopping is less and far more successful. There’s some brands that are only available in London or further afield and it’s here that online shopping really pans out for me. For the brands that are easily available on the high street I have to say I tend to just make a day of it and go shopping! Most of the time I can find the lion share of the things I was looking at on line in the store. I can try it on (OK sometimes in a different colour) and assess whether I love the fit, the fabric or the style.

There’s something really rewarding about coming home with things you really love and not having to go back again to return. That old school buzz! It feels like a real treat rather than just ticking a box. I don’t feel the same when that plastic bag or card box arrives. I appreciate we are all different. Shopping can feel a real chore if you’re busy in another line of work to fashion, if you struggle to know what you’re looking for so just hate shopping in general.

I’m not going to lie some of my best little finds have been online BUT they have taken so long to find! I don’t mind because I love it and it’s my job to know what is where but, honestly, some of the things I wear the most are things I fell in love with whilst out actually shopping.

I thought as the weather is improving I’d do a little high street edit. My local high street is Touchwood Shopping centre in Solihull. Everything in this blog is from the shop floor there. I realise we are all different and really it’s just a teaser to get you to think about the season ahead. We had some glorious weather over the last few days but today it’s back to dull old February. We all know though that the Great British weather will change over night and change again. How nice would it be to be prepared for when the sun shines! I expect you lovely stylish lot are already ahead of the game and have got it all sorted but if you’re feeling a little lack lustre then maybe a few ideas of what’s out there might give you a helping hand to feel inspired to have a look. I’ve touched on a few trends. Obviously trends are not for everyone, that’s not the purpose of the exercise, but I’d be a rubbish fashion blogger if I didn’t at least flag a few up! The point of this blog wasn’t just to take pics of everything on every shop floor either! That’s what websites are for but hopefully some of it’s helpful…if not just pretty to look at!


Not going anywhere fast…..safari inspired prints are made for hot summer days. There’s still plenty of snake print and great big dollops of zebra.









While we’re on the subject of bags! Oh my goodness there’s some seriously fun arm candy out there! It’s over to you team on this one! There has to be something for everyone from sporty totes to natural baskets. Think tortoiseshell details too for a real 2019 fashion sugar rush!







Let’s stay on the subject of accessories shall we. The world is your oyster…quite literally! From all things natural like shells, pearls and tortoiseshell to seriously new age and neon bright. Just find something that suits your personality and makes you smile from the inside out!








If you like these…be quick…they are going to sell out super fast! True to size




The trench coat has made a reappearance. Less extreme and more classic than ever in all shades of neutral beige. If you struggle with the yellow tones of beige that most trenches come in, fear not, you can find your shade this Spring …. from stone to deep rust.

FYI: I’ve featured a fab dark beige trench on IGTV over on Instagram (@solihullstyle) ..available in store at H&M


TRENCH – ZARA with a generous fit…I’m wearing a size small


JOHN LEWIS OWN RANGE (really rather nice own range too!)


I’m always banging on about dresses. An outfit all in one. So easy. I love a midi dress. It just works super hard and I need less maintenance! Nuff said! You can pretty much pick your budget and just dive right in if it’s a look you love as much as me.It’s a dress style that works with sneakers, flip flops and on cooler days, ankle boots.






I could go on and on here as there’s so many beautiful dresses to choose from. If you struggle with the proportions of a midi dress then there’s a few brands that do a shorter length dress really well. If you need a true petite fit then they might not work but sometimes they do! If you’re shorter but still regular in the length of the body then often it’s still alright to go for a standard fit shorter dress. My advise…try them on! Rocket science here!







Well at least something written, printed or drawn all over it! Yep, the logo top still reigns! Lifts the dull old T-shirt into new style status. My favourites are the embroidered variety. Sometimes coming with a heftier price tag but ….. it’s just a mater of taste. There’s no rules. anything goes.








There’s some brands that do things well. ZARA always pulls out all the fashion punches every season and it might take some serious sifting through but they never fail to deliver a few great pieces every season. What you love will be different to what I love. ZARA are great at doing co-ords. Co-coordinating pieces that work together in the same or similar complimentary print. How they fit and perform is in the trying on and what works for one body shape may not work for another. I’ve tried to give a flavour of the season in this blog rather than suggesting these pieces are for everyone to rush out and buy. I’m here to encourage those that want encouragement to go and try new things and see how they feel and buy what YOU love.




You can’t have summer without a bit of white cotton broderie Anglaise. Whether it’s frilled and flouncy and ever so slightly 90s or on the verge of Victoriana…it’s all there!




I haven’t given any product links as it’s about going shopping. This isn’t a sponsored post and it’s quite simply a labour of love. I hope it’s of interest to those that enjoy fashion. There was lots of other bits and bobs I spotted out on my travels. There’s little point me trying lots of things on and posting pics. It’s not about me. It’s always been about helping you. What fits me might not fit the next person. Thank goodness we are all different. It’s why I love my job so much. The opportunity we all have to be able to express our own individuality. It’s a privilege to not take for granted. I’m not going to get all deep and meaningful! There’s a degree of urgency to get this blog done and out there! Fashion moves too fast for me to get all philosophical on you!

So the last little chunk of goodies is just the stuff that didn’t fit above! Ha ha!!! No, seriously it’s a few fun bits….a few more trends highlighted…a neon animal print shirt (two trends in one!), an oversized nude toned beige blazer… never a bad buy if the shade suits; a slip skirt; a colour pop sweater…or two to lift your basics out of the winter blues; a camo cargo trouser and a paper bag waist denim culotte! I think that’s Spring sorted! The season will develop over the next few weeks. There will be mid season sales and discount code incentives. There will be new style drops in store with more meat on their bones as the season finds it’s fashion feet. I hope you enjoy shopping. You can’t beat touching it, smelling it, trying it! Ha Ha!! You get my drift, I know you do!








OVERSIZED BLAZER – H&M I’m wearing a size small


To round things up…. I’ve realised I’ve not mentioned THE BOILER SUIT! HE he! A marmite thing I feel! I love the idea of a no brainer outfit…A bit like a jumpsuit. It’s food for thought I guess and “IF” I found “THE” one I suppose I’d give it a go! I’ve learnt to say, never say never! You’ll see them across all the magazine editorials so it’d be very rude of me not to put this piece of utility clothing on our radar.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope it’s made you smile, have a think about your own tastes and maybe what might work for you over the coming warmer weather we are going to get.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see I’m posting videos on IGTV. I try and use new season styles mixed with my own existing wardrobe to hopefully give you some ideas as to how you can incorporate new with the old to update your style. Featuring simple ways to tackle tricky trends like neon. Thank you if you already follow…welcome to the party!


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By SolihullStyle      Jan 12, 2019


I was lucky enough to be invited to try a meal at the recently opened Fiesta Del Asado in Shirley, Solihull with some local food bloggers and food critics. Obviously this isn’t about fashion but it’s definitely about eating out in style. January is a tough month. I’m waiting for the sales to finish and new season styles to arrive in stores so the chance to blog about something a bit different is actually a welcome change and has filled a void nicely.  I’m not always a big fan of eating out. I’m a difficult person to please. I have a house full of men and we are usually left disappointed, not by the food as such but often the portion size! I’m no Gordon Ramsey but I’m a pretty good cook so if the food served is a bit naff I’m left with a nasty taste in my mouth when the bill comes round. I’m just being honest!  I like food that looks fresh, is colourful and with a Mediterranean flavour. Everyone’s tastes will be different and I’m not a trained critic but quite simply, I was impressed!! The steaks came recommended and did not fall short of expectations. I would most definitely go again either with friends or with the family. We all had a starter, I had prawns with a whopping garlic hit and for main, an 11oz fillet steak on the bone that even I couldn’t finish. It would be rude not to return to try the puds!


I absolutely loved the interior. It’s a massive space and it felt like you were eating outdoors on holiday. No mean feet in the middle of January. It’s an eclectic mix of modern and retro interior design. Trees inside and different areas to eat helped to give the feel of an outdoor patio area despite being completely indoors! As if that wasn’t enough there’s a super cool cocktail bar. I realise I was invited that evening but I was made to feel like they were cooking for me like a really good friend would cook for their guests. I never once felt like I was eating out at a big chain eatery. A refreshing change. I’ve tried to capture the feel of the place in the pics below. Though they are a little dark I think you can still get a sense of the general ambience. As I stepped outside into almost  freezing temperatures that evening I had to pinch myself that I was in Shirley in the depths of winter! For those few hours I was on holiday!

Fiesta Del Asado describes itself as a modern Argentine restaurant where your taste buds tango… they’ve summed it up way better than me.



I hope you enjoyed this blog, slightly different content but hopefully worth a read! January can be a bit flat. I know I’m supposed to feel all whoop whoop it’s a new year with lots of goals to be smashed. Actually I feel a bit shattered after all the preparation of Christmas and keeping kids entertained on a budget over two weeks of school hols. I’m in the mood to be kind to myself and gently move into the mayhem that will be the spring/summer shopping season. I’m hoping it’s going to be a goodie? I’m hoping that some of the ill fitting 90s inspired fashion has been booted out the back door of A/W 2018. On a personal note I’ve tried to expand my winter repertoire and move away from living in jeans and sweaters. I’ve invested in different dress lengths and styles with a conscious effort to avoid spending my chilly weekend life in a black puffer coat! Not easy with two rugby players in the family.  Each year I take stock of my lifestyle. What I wore. What I didn’t! I’ll take mental note and try and buy items to fill the void next time around.  I’m mulling over different “Sunday rugby coat” options while the sales are still on…watch this space! To make you laugh your socks off.. my attempt to buy nicer “Sunday rugby boots” has sorta ended up one big fat epic fail. It’s not that it didn’t work! It worked too well! I loved them soooo much I couldn’t bring myself to cake them in mud every Sunday and they have found their way into my everyday wardrobe… oh no, not saved for best in the slightest but literally everyday!!! HE HE!


This is not a sponsored post. All views are my own.

Fiesta Del Asado offer a family platter afternoon/early evening (see Fiesta Del Adado for more details) where two adults and two kids can eat for £25.95. I’ve been told by the restaurant that this includes Friday night too.  We will be going as a family very soon I’m sure to try it out! I’ll let you know if it fills up my two boys and Mr.W. A tough test indeed! HA HA! Again, thank you for reading! XXX

PS: I’ve just shown my youngest the photos and his response? “oh wow you went to a posh place!” ha ha!



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