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In an ideal world this would follow shortly after your personal wardrobe weeding session, however, everyone’s needs will be different so it’s fine on its own! Following a 30 minutes consultation over the phone at a time of your convenience we will go shopping together. We will go shopping to achieve the goals set by your wardrobe needs. It will be relaxed, friendly and fun. It may include a short break for lunch/snack and provide another chance to chat and evaluate our progress. Whether you’re shopping for a particular outfit; a whole new wardrobe or just the missing items to consolidate your capsule wardrobe at home then this is the session for you. You may be going back to work after a career break or illness. You may want to find your way again after pregnancy. You may have a complete change of career or lifestyle ahead and feel lost. You may simply struggle with style choices. The list is endless and will be different for every individual. Going shopping with me will give you the support you need to choose the styles and colours that suit you best. I will encourage you to try new brands and new styles for you to gain confidence in your “look”. I will help you make great choices, simply and easily and buy pieces you will wear and enjoy for seasons to come. It may seem daunting at first to invest a little financially into one of my services; however I know you will save money by purchasing clothes you will wear instead of spending time and time again on items that will just sit in your wardrobe unworn.


All day (Mon- Fri) shopping 9.30am – 2.30pm  = £350 (Solihull)

One day wardrobe weeding followed by a days shopping = £500 (Solihull)

(timings or rates may vary depending on your required shopping location – I am happy to travel)

Please feel free to contact me should you require a more tailor made service.

Home Page

I can help you sort out your wardrobe, advising on the right colours and styles for you. Together, we will create a capsule wardrobe

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