By SolihullStyle      Aug 22, 2023

Well it’s been a while hasn’t it? A while since I’ve written a blog. Why? I mean I’m not sure really why. I think it’s because I felt I didn’t have much to say or rather that I didn’t have much to say that anyone really wanted to read?

I don’t buy lots of new clothes or do shopping hauls on the high street so sometimes just think no one cares what I’ve got to say. We live in an all consuming world.

Blogs are historically written with the purpose of encouraging people to copy or be influenced by others. In the case of a fashion blog  it’s to “buy into” the look that’s there. Maybe even buy the items that are linked? Often with the sole purpose of promoting a brand that the author is working with or in some form of collaboration with. There’s obviously  absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’ve worked with small brands that I’m impressed by myself. I’m not here to preach and being a creative person I take inspiration from all sorts of places! I’m no angel either and love a good link! I love buying something new. But what really excites me is when that something new is exactly what my wardrobe needed. It’s a considered  purchase.

But going back to writing a blog. For a long time I’ve been overthinking it and just hating the idea of being part of the problem. The problem of encouraging women to buy clothes that don’t suit their own personal style. Pushing a narrative that they try that isn’t them because it’s not tailor made to them. I’m a personal stylist and always been passionate about being part of the cure. If you buy clothes you love you’ll wear them. You’ll buy less and you’ll always feel like you no matter what setting you find yourself in. Even if you’re creative and need constant change there will be enough in your wardrobe with a few tweaks each season to keep that creativity fed. I want everyone to feel like that. I want everyone to  know what it feels like to feel great in what they’re wearing.  What I’d love the most is if you’re reading this and nodding going yes, yes and yes I know exactly who I am too.

So this blog isn’t here to make you feel guilty or feel bad about the things you buy. It’s here to shout out “hell yeah” to knowing your own personal style and well owning it!  It’s written with love, real love; a passion and drive for you to buy into your look and not someone else’s or at the very least something to read with a cuppa that gets you thinking and at the very best it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside that you’ve found your own way in the style stakes.

So I’m going to try and write a little bit more often again and try and start a conversation that might be helpful. Today there are no links to any items but if you feel something is completely you then please comment somewhere where I’ll see it.

As the summer starts to fade and are eyes are drawn to new season style it seemed only fitting to sum up what I’ve been wearing. Not all of it but just some bite size chunks that illustrate a few ideas I’ve had. It helps me to cement lots of thoughts which guides me through pastures new and stops me buying the first new arrival I see!

The PS of this blog is therefore to highlight the idea of items in your wardrobe that you can’t do without. Often called desert island products or foundations or probably the key pieces in your capsule wardrobe. Sometimes called fundamentals or foundations or building blocks. I’ll just give an example. They’re mine. The things that never fail to deliver. The items that I know I can put with anything and I’ll feel like me. One is a boyfriend or relaxed fit blazer and the other is a wider cut or relaxed pair of jeans. Not rocket science I know but something off piste is rarely worn every day! We will get to those “special “ items in another blog!

I’ve just done a photo dump but you’re all a really savvy intelligent bunch I’m pretty sure you get it and it’s good to not spoon feed otherwise we’re unable to think for ourselves and if we stop thinking we stop learning and stop growing and no one wants that.






Lots of love



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