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I am so passionate about giving other women the tools to style themselves effortlessly and enjoy their appearance. With a lifetime spent in the fashion industry I have all the skills required to guide you through all your style and wardrobe dilemmas. For me, my interest in fashion is not a career change or something I decided I was good at in later life it’s completely who I am. I have a first class (Royal College of Art) honours degree in fashion design from Ravensbourne and have enjoyed a very successful career in the fashion industry in London styling couture clients and working on collections for London Fashion Week

Following running my own design business and having two children I have jumped back into the deep end, equipped with all my experience of juggling many different roles in a day, to help women look and feel their best. It only takes a small step to make a big difference. So often we kid ourselves that how we look doesn’t matter. I know from personal experience and having two small children that it does matter and can affect how I feel about myself and can affect every part of my day. If you feel well put together; relaxed in your look and confident in your choices it can make a massive difference to your life, relationships and your career.

We are all different. Please feel free to contact me should you want to have some style support but feel the services laid out on this website are not right for you. I’m very flexible and more than happy to help. If you just want to have a chat to talk through any concerns you may have please do not hesitate to call me

Home Page

I can help you sort out your wardrobe, advising on the right colours and styles for you. Together, we will create a capsule wardrobe


Well it’s been a while hasn’t it? A while since I’ve written a blog. Why? I mean I’m not sure really why. I think it’s because I felt I didn’t have much to say or rather that I didn’t have much to say that anyone really wanted to read? I don’t buy lots of new Read More