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Not literally naked! I mean more like …. served plainly or in natural style! I’m loving the high street’s infatuation with all things natural this summer. Every website has a Linen edit which is music to my ears. Oh how I love cool linen and cotton clothing in the heat. I always have and then throw in French style basket bags and I’m ooooo errr yes! In HEAVEN! Ha Ha! Well what a season it has been so far. One minute we have thunder storms and the next we are baking our bits off! I find packing for anything a nightmare. Not just for me but for the kids too. Even just packing an outfit post gym. By the time I’m done and out of the shower the weather has changed season in the blink of an eye. Whilst shopping with clients I have opted to freeze first thing on the station platform so that I’m comfortable in the heat that the rest of the day brings…. only to get soaked in a down pour at 3.30 on the school run! These dilemmas have filtered their way into my working day. Clients are finding life a challenge too and I’ve adapted their shopping days to suit. Clothing needs to multi task and what we buy has changed over the last few years.



That said, let’s just do this! I mean summer! Let’s think and dream of the summer holidays ahead and all the lovely sunny weather that WILL come our way. Let’s face it, when it’s hot here, it’s really hot! My summer holidays are never far from my thoughts and if I spot something that will make my hols even better then I’m in! You all know my mantra by now to buy less and buy better. It’s why I struggle with this blogging malarkey. I hate buying loads of cheap clothes that I get bored of quickly. I love good quality nice things and actually once I find something I really love I’m more than happy just to wear it on repeat. Having said all that, high summer is a slightly different kettle of fish. Especially high summer holiday gear. I’m not a big fan of spending too much here. Let’s face it, clothes tend to get covered in sun cream and go yellow, get encrusted with antiperspirant and go yellow or I “glow” on them and they go yellow! Pretty much everything ends up yellow! This year I’m finding I “glow” way much more than I did last year! That’s a whole other story!


You can’t beat a 100% cotton frock for the hols. A little throw on number to get you from the beach to the car or back to the hotel room. We go camping to Cornwall most years (though this may change next year as the boys get bigger) and I like pieces that I can get ready in quickly after a swim either in the sea or by the pool. I’m always racing after two speedy boys so when I saw this ZARA dress online I knew I wanted to try it, so try it I did! I well and truly opened a can of worms didn’t I?! I’m sure some young thing wouldn’t have had the problems I had and would’ve slipped into one quite nicely thank you very much. My 46 year old self didn’t have as much luck! I tried five in store to find ONE that “sat” right. By this I mean, one that didn’t have a wonky strap or not enough wrap so the split showed wooo hooo! “The one” I found was perfect! The straps covered my bra… ace! You’ve gotta have boobs to understand what joy this is! It had enough wrap to be descent and I just loved it! So home I trotted! If you can trot on a train???? Chuffed to bits I was with my new holiday frock! I was gonna wear it on the beach, by the pool and everyfing!!! I put it on to show Mr.W after relaying the WHOLE story in minute detail, of course he listened to every word I said!!! (hmmmmm!!!) The climax built as I came down the stairs for my grand entrance in my £25.99 dress that was the answer to all my holiday wardrobe prayers (obviously I had explained all this is every detail too!! ha ha ha!) and……. I had brought home the WRONG (oh how I want to say it! *****) DRESS!  I mean, who does that? Clearly me!





I did! Not to be defeated I ordered five online. It took five in store so I wasn’t taking any chances, oh no! ZARA must’ve thought …. actually I’ve no idea what they must’ve thought as they packed up five size medium sun dresses into a box all going to the same address? I collected them and tentatively tried them on. Go on guess? Yep! ONE was good to go! Returning the other four was a bit embarrassing but I reckon the staff in ZARA have seen it all. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.


Sun dress – ZARA


Quite simply I fell in love with this basket. It was a little find in TOPSHOP Birmingham. It’s sold out online at the mo but there are some left in store if you’re quick and It’s your thing. I can’t remember exactly how much it cost??? Around the £29 mark I think??


It’s a good job I can laugh at myself. I know I’m a bit crazy and I know I’m obsessed with fashion and styling but honestly don’t get disheartened. Shopping isn’t always easy and the high street can be both wonderful and awful all at the same time. A bit like being a mum? Finding the right thing can be frustrating and I often have problems with sizing and quality. It’s not just the cheaper brands either. I had to return Levi jeans too the other day that were too big when I tried them on from an online order. I had to go back and buy the actual pair I’d tried on in store to get the fit I wanted and they were both the exact same size on the label and the exact same style of jean. It’s not you…it’s them! Ignore size labels. Don’t feel deflated if you have a day where you feel that you have to keep going up a size. The next day and a different style and you might find you go down a size. I have clothes in my wardrobe that span the size spectrum but they all fit me. Shopping isn’t easy all of the time for everyone else.  Just have fun, keep calm and carry on.


If I don’t admit to this I know my mate (bless her cotton socks!) will dob me in and post it any way on social media so I may as well come clean. I took the ZARA sun dress back! I am hilarious! I decided it was all too much work and that the dress wasn’t really “me” in the end. Does anyone else do this? I don’t mean go to the extremes I did, that’s just bonkers, I mean want something, get it and then not want it? I just wanted to get it spot on then decide, makes sense right?



So THE Zara dress would be great for someone else. Me, I’m still searching for fun summer bits and bobs. I hate shorts, really hate them but  I’ve found a few pairs lately that I’m really pleased with and have kept!  I’ll share soon hopefully as work winds down. Also I’ve been exploring camo print. Not in the form of a jacket as one might expect but camo pants….TROUSERS! Watch this space………

Thank-you for reading! Have I really committed myself to my next blog being about shorts?!!! arhhhhhh! No, camo print next, yes camo print! Phew! XXX



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By SolihullStyle      Feb 26, 2018


I’m sat starring at the empty computer screen wondering where to start. The beginning? I’m not sure I know where the beginning was? I want this to be a positive read. I want it to help someone. I don’t want it to read as “woe is me”. It’s not that big a deal in the greater scheme of things. In all the things that can go wrong in life it’s not really up there with the really serious stuff or with third world problems, however, it floored me for a while and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I guess I’ve just started writing what comes to mind with no explanation as yet! It’s a delicate subject and I’m really not sure where the beginning was. I’m repeating myself, you can tell I’m nervous. I’ve had to hazard a guess at it. About three months ago a had a fairly serious muscle injury in the gym after doing some strenuous exercise the day before. I thought I was taking it easy and doing some stretching when really I should’ve rested completely. Anyway, something gave way, in a big way and I went green and nearly fainted on the gym floor. I can only think that what happened in the weeks to follow was the result of the “shock” of what happened that day. I’m no doctor but it seemed the only logical explanation. In the weeks to follow my hair started to thin. Not obvious shedding or falling out but visibly getting thinner on the top of my head. The blood tests and visits to the specialists followed with no real answers other than stress or trauma. This had happened before in 2013 when I had a double tonsillectomy and my mum passed away so I hoped this time was just a “blip” again. The fact that it hadn’t been dealt with back in 2013 meant I was on a wait list to see a specialist. Unfortunately, however, one particular visit to a scalp specialist left me floored and more stressed than I’d ever been during this whole journey with the news that my condition might get worse; was irreversible and could leave me with no hair in places forever. She mentioned scalp biopsies and all sorts ( I think she lost me at biopsy!) but I was told at this stage to go away; try not to worry and come back in three months if nothing had improved! Not great news and a diagnosis that was my worse fear. Not life threatening  but definitely threatened my life as I knew it in terms of facing the world and doing my job. Google was a mine field of hideous results and even worse images so I decided to leave well alone and stay positive and find my own ways of getting my head around the situation. Needless to say taking photos of myself and writing a blog was way off my agenda and brought it’s own disappointments to the table only adding stress to a situation that I was told may only be turned around by avoiding stress! GRRRRR! It became a horrible mess of anxiety; stress and frustration. Was I going to lose everything I loved doing? Would I be able to do my job feeling like I did about my appearance? So, what did I do? I cried until I felt I couldn’t cry anymore and then forged a plan. A plan that gave me hope. This is the positive bit! It was triggered by some support from my friend Jess. She does this “stuff” for a living! She eloquently called it “regression therapy”, I’ll call it “getting the tears under control!” (read more about Jess here). I was able to look outside of the situation and my plan took shape. I found comfort in my faith again. My “safe place” had been restored. A place I could go to again when emotions were too much to bare. You know the days, when it feels like you’re walking under a dark cloud. I thought about what might help my hair from the inside out and changed my nutrition from missing meals whilst working (another factor that I think played a part in all this over the summer shopping season) and sort advice in what natural products were available to support my hair while it wasn’t very strong. The latter happened by accident while I was looking at products in john Lewis in Birmingham. I was looking for a product to cleanse build up of products from the scalp and hair to give me a blank canvas to work with again. A member of staff asked if I needed help and after listening to my predicament she pointed me in the direction of AVEDA. There I met the lovely Nicky who let me cry… A LOT! She listened and gave me a plan of attack. See the word “plan” again. There was hope. She gave me some answers too to give substance to her claims that the products would work. I felt empowered to do something in this situation where there seemed no real medical answers. As I said before, I’m no doctor and this blog is purely my own personal journey but I hope it might help someone else too. Nicky took a picture of my scalp and I could see it was red and not very happy. She pointed me in the direction of the products she would recommend. I’ve visited her a few times since that day and had my scalp photographed to check my progress. I still cried! She still listened! And I still went away feeling lighter and happier that everything was going to be OK. That little word… OK. So small but actually the key to getting through this. I found ways to keep telling myself… it’s going to be OK!



The scalp massage brush – I love this brush! Having short hair it’s not something I did very regularly, brushing! I had heard of it’s benefits but thought of harsh brushes scratching my scalp. This does nothing of the sort and is a joy to use.

The Pramasana scalp cleanser –  OMG, LOVE this stuff. That simple!  It’s really the product I was initially looking for but thought it would come in the form of a shampoo. I love the fact that this stuff is about scalp health too.

The shampoo – First time around I bought the damage defence shampoo but I’m yet to move onto the new Invati shampoo to stimulate my scalp now my hair has got a bit stronger. I found this shampoo helped protect my fine hair from heat damage during styling from blow drying.

The conditioner – Again the complimentary conditioner to the shampoo from the Damage Defence Range.


There were several recommendations but I stuck to one as Aveada products aren’t cheap! I’ve been using the stay in conditioner for curly hair – “Be Curly”. This leave in product containers proteins to strengthen the hair and provides further protection from heat styling.


The final product that I used twice a day ( though I use less of it now) was the famous Aveda Invati scalp revitalizer. Aveda have just released a new version which I’ll buy on my next visit. It works straight away to thicken the hair. I’ve always been a bit sceptical about these sort of “quick fixes” or cosmetic solutions but actually this product got me out of the house when my hair was at it’s worst and to be fair probably stopped a huge amount of anxiety. I’m sure it does deliver on it’s claims too but to find something that took the panic out of going outside was worth every penny.


I’m a big believer in what you put into your body you get out. Good nutrition results in a strong and healthy body. I’m actually quite angry with mysef that I let this happen. I’m pretty sure that a factor in all this was missing lunch three or four times a week. Or rather not eating lunch till 3.30pm on the train home from work. At busy times in the Summer I was working 3 or 4 days a week shopping in either Solihull or Birmingham and would choose to not stop for lunch to give my clients as much of my time as possible. Since “hair gate” (as I’ve affectionately called it!) I’ve had to address this. I’m eating more protein now and eating straight after training when I go to the gym. By eating more protein I mean, way MORE! It was Mr.W who said you’re not eating enough protein and I thought I was always pretty good on this front? Turns out, he was right. I’m eating all the good stuff that I know is essential for hair growth. I’m taking my Hairburst vitamins (available at Holland and Barrett) too everyday. I’ve posted about these before (read it here). It might sound crazy but I think my hair improved almost in a week of eating more protein. It’s like my hair breathed a massive sigh of relief! Basically I’m covering all bases. I’m giving myself the best chance I can. I’ve  come to learn that my body seems to “attack” my hair first when I’m not 100%. It makes sense really as ones hair is the least important part of our body. I’ve always known that I “shock” easily. It feels like a physical wave of anxiety that goes from my head to my toes. I can actually feel it. By inside I mean the mind too. Obviously I needed to find ways to unwind. This didn’t mean the same thing as doing something I enjoyed. I enjoy going all out at the gym; I enjoy trawling through the internet looking at Pinterest and the latest trends and what’s on offer in new season fashion. Of course I love shopping too! This isn’t switching off though, it’s fun but it’s not switching off! This still is a challenge for me. Our water bill has gone through the roof I’m sure with all the hot baths I’ve been having to unwind in the evening!


Social media is frightening. It knew what I was putting into Google and searching for. Suddenly on my Pinterest feed were images of products to help thinning hair; hair styles for thin hair and miracle cures a plenty. Like I needed reminding my hair was in a bad way! The more I looked at stuff, the more came up. The more I was bombarded with images that would or could fuel the self loathing fire. I stopped clicking on “stuff”. In amongst the dross was a little gem. A big fan of natural oils and natural remedies I was intrigued by the claims made by these humble products. Completely consumer unfriendly by nature of their consistency ( and smell!) they have been unfairly labelled as  “alternative ” remedies rather than being seen on the shelves with celebrity endorsed designer beauty products.  Castor oil has amazing properties and has been used in natural remedies for centuries. Mixed with egg for protein and honey to provide moisture, you have a powerful hair mask. Sounds disgusting right? But it’s done wonders for me. At It’s worse my hair was nearly see through on the top (a good job I’m tall…ish!) but I’m convinced (in my case) that this mask has noticeably improved my hair density. I do it once a week, on a Sunday afternoon once we are home for the day. I whisk the three ingredients together; apply to damp hair and leave all afternoon under a towel turban thingy and wash it out before bed. I’m sat here as I type looking rather fetching! I’ll say it again, I’m no doctor and this is my journey but it’s the things that have helped me. Everyone is different and if you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair then  obviously consult a doctor first as there may well be health issues that need addressing that are different to mine and never use any products you are allergic to. This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

Cashmere jumper – HOBBS (sale)

Hoop Necklace – WHISTLES (sale but may still be in store)

Bracelets – (just seen) FOSSIL (Bicester Village) and PANDORA


Finding the positives. I realised that having a plan of attack stopped me feeling like a victim; made me realise I could be in control of something that seemed to have no answers and I realised I could make the situation better even if the problem hadn’t been resolved…. yet! Oh and don’t feel disheartened as sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. Find ways to ride the wave.

As I’ve had a break from this blog to make the Sunday roast, I’ve thought of a few more positives. I didn’t buy much! Sounds kind of a funny thing to say but I really learnt about myself. I learnt so much about what I felt really comfortable in. I guess it started out as hiding. I lived in black skinny jeans and a black wool crew neck. Perfectly nice and perfectly acceptable but I knew I was trying not to be noticed. As time went on I started to see that a natural evolution occurred. I was unable to stop being me. I was unable to stop trying to be my best despite the set backs. I bought things that I felt really at home in. Feeling safe was the key to not adding unnecessary pressure on myself. I was probably liking the things I always needed in my wardrobe. You could say the boring stuff but the reality was I bought less and bought better. My mantra! I would only buy something that I knew I’d wear to death. Let’s face it, if you feel like yourself in something, you’ll wear it. I finally bought a new puffer coat; some plain quality jumpers and I found my dream boots that I’d been looking for for years! The Winter sales were on and I wasn’t in the mood for “look at me” fashion so I stayed focused and bought some fabulous quality wardrobe staples like jeans and leather goods. I feel like I’ve got a clean slate. I’ve had a massive clear out at home with boxes for the car boot and better pieces going on Ebay. I’ve made some money to spend when the really good summer stuff hits the shop floor. I feel I might just be about ready to handle it. This was never gonna be a post with apologies or looking for sympathy, I always wanted it to be a post to say, I understand that life gets in the way and that it’s not always easy (or the right thing to do) to be swanning around in the latest trends. I can’t afford it for one thing. My lifestyle is such that I’d look like a first class clown if I went to watch the boys play rugby for example in anything other than my new puffer! I hope that there’s something here that might help you. I can’t promise that you’ll see me in glorious summer technicolour any time soon as that just wouldn’t be me but I will get back on track. I’m riding my wave!

Thanks for reading!


I’d like to thank Mr.W for his support. Kate my dear friend for the countless pep talks! Julie for being a rock for years and Jess for letting me cry! Not forgetting Nicky at Aveda who I was a stranger to, thank-you for listening and the lovely hand massages!




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By SolihullStyle      Oct 24, 2017


It was straight back to work after the summer holidays and now we are already at the mid season sale point. This is when things start to get interesting and the high street starts to really find it’s feet and come up with the goods as the mid seasons sales disappear and the new drop arrives. After half term I’ll be back to it with a fully booked first week. In short life is hectic. Crammed  full to the brim. On the days I’m not working I’ll kick back with a gym workout and catching up with friends at our favourite coffee shop. Well life can’t be all work and no play can it?!


That is the question. I don’t need any clothes but obviously I’m drawn in by the trends. I do love winter for it’s cosy knits and luxurious fabrics. The down side is that this can come with a hefty price tag. Good bags and great coats aren’t cheap. I can give you the trends and you can choose if you want to buy into a quick fashion fix or not. I’m seduced by all the beautiful berry shaded coats this season from scarlet red to deepest burgundy. The high street has it’s versions and you can pick your price range depending on your budget. “Check” weave is EVERYWHERE and wear it from head to toe in the form of a matching suit if you really want to make a statement and wear this season’s heritage vibe the 2017 way. I’ll be punctuating mine with a dash of denim if I finally give in and buy a check blazer! I think I’ll be giving check cropped wide trousers a miss. Red boots and sock boots are here to stay another season and actually the red options can be more versatile than one might first expect, looking good with blue denim and more tailored pieces alike. As always the trends prove to be a mine field. This season is no different and the high street continues to be quite extreme. Extreme in it’s styling and extreme in it’s details and extreme in sometimes providing a very oversized fit. I haven’t bought anything new this season yet. I find this blogging malarkey my biggest challenge. I’m increasingly drawn to buying less but buying better. I realise the pieces that I love the most in my wardrobe are the pieces that have cost the most. I am trying to save my money and buy great things rather than lots of bits and bobs that all add up in the end. If you’ve ever got any questions about the season’s looks then feel free to ask away but don’t expect me to be wearing them all! What am I looking for then? What’s on the wish list?

1) A day dress. Huge challenge here so don’t hold your breathe!

2) Comfortable shoes I can walk in all day that are NOT trainers!

3) Simple knitwear to go under coats (I post this every winter so I’m on it  this time around and I’ll keep you posted)

4) Good quality jeans (as per!)

5) Maybe a new trouser shape? hmmmm, not sure, still mulling this one over! Side stripe trousers are still holding strong and I like them but…….


There’s no surprises then that my “outfit of the day” in this blog is fairly classic with some investment pieces thrown in to illustrate my point! The outfit was understated on purpose as there’s a lot going on in some of these pictures!  I can’t get pics of what I wear in the week very easily unless I ask a stranger. The problem is that at the weekends I spend my time watching kids play football or rugby on a cold, wet field. It’s the main reason why buying into trends has become less appealing the older I get. There’s just no chance to wear them anymore. After the normal routine of footie and the gym there was a chance to come home and play with the latest acquisition! No not a new pair of shoes, sadly for me, but something that filled the hearts of my boys with sheer delight! Anki Overdrive is in de house! I’m a mum of boys so I either choose to stay at home or go off on my own and do my own thing or I choose to watch every football match and watch every rugby match and make every bacon butty. I have chosen the later in a very conscious decision to not miss out on seeing them grow up. The arrival of this new game gave me another opportunity to choose to get stuck in and got involved. With no tricky remote control or levers, just download and use your Iphone or Android device to control your car, I quite enjoyed loosing (as always!) to my boys as they roared with laughter at my misfortune!  After a morning blowing off the cobwebs playing sport outdoors, as the day drew in, it was nice to have something to play with that the whole family could enjoy. Other than zoning out on Ipads, it’s the first toy that neither of them has got bored with. It even held their attention for longer than making slime with their Dad. They played happily together without arguments for most of the afternoon. Chatting and discussing their progress with each win giving them access to more features, weapons and vehicle capabilities. I have to say that we were very impressed with the amount of enjoyment it brought. I was kindly gifted it to try and my honest opinion is that I would recommend it to anyone. its like a 21st century Scaletrix!!


Talking fashion. There’s nothing ground breaking about my outfit but I felt good in it. It felt like me and felt comfortable while still special with the addition of some investment pieces bought over the last year. A plan had come together shall we say?! A pea coat. Always in fashion and if you can wear a double breasted coat it’s a great item to invest in as it can look good worn with jeans; tailored trousers or over a floaty dress (hence the wish list above requiring a day dress!). The great white shirt, well no introduction required here but every wardrobe needs one. Vintage style jeans. They are mahousive this season and the high street is awash with it’s offerings. I have tried many and I have to say that I now believe that premium priced jeans are worth their price tag. Loving high cotton content denim with authentic vintage wiskering; a button fly and a high rise. Even the super polished Mrs.Beckham has been papped wearing her Vintage Levi’s! Now I have tasted quality jeans I will gradually be rebuilding my denim wardrobe styles with better versions so watch this space! A great bag. Gotta have a great bag right? Nuff said! Adds polish and the finishing touch. Boots. I have found sock boots to work really well for me. They are tight to the leg so this boot style just goes underneath my trousers or jeans. Working with all the style of trousers I have in my wardrobe from straight cut denim to kick flare trousers to cropped wide leg trousers. Simplz! There’s no worrying where everything finishes or where the bulky rouching of denim around the ankle goes. The most frequent question I get asked? “What do I do with my jeans when wearing ankle boots?” “Do my jeans go inside or out?!”


As I get older I realise I need far less and as I grow and know who I am I find it easier to invest in clothes that I know I will wear. The risk has gone and it’s a wonderful feeling when you really know what you like. The days of buying a going out top on Saturday afternoon for the night out on Saturday night are well and truly over! The frustrating part is that I now find it really difficult to part with my hard earned pennies on poorer quality items. There’s been a turning point in the last few years and I’m trying to get my head around the shift! There’s definitely been a tipping point in my latter 40s. Having said all that, fear not Zara, I will not completely desert you and I vow to find the gems amongst the mountains of polyester!


GREY WOOL PEA COAT – The White Company (old)

STRAIGHT HIGH RISE JEANS – Agolde  (sold out but similar here)


SOCK BOOTS – Topshop (old similar here)

HANDBAG – Tods (Bicester Village)

WATCH – Fossil

BRACELET – Pandora

MUG – Villeroy and Boch

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little hop scotch around my life! Family, fashion and a good old dollop of fun. I’ll keep posting outfits and fashion when I can. Stay warm you lovely lot! Thanks for reading. XXX

Thank you to JAVA LOUNGE for letting me take pics of their cakes!



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By SolihullStyle      Aug 21, 2017


My goodness haven’t I been a busy bunny? You may have noticed that lately my blogs are like busses. There are none for months then four come all at once! It’s because it’s the school holidays; there’s time as I’m between seasons and Mr.W is around to take the photos. It’s that simple. When I’m working in the week the last thing I want to do is spend Saturday taking pics and Sunday writing a blog. I’m being honest. The fun goes from it and when it impacts onto family life I feel guilty.  There’s another snag and honesty has to prevail! As much as I like to make an effort at the weekend, I do find that I’m usually in jeans so variety becomes a bit of an issue! My blogs are nothing if they are not real; current and believable in their content. So I have made a New Season’s resolution to write my blogs on a more regular basis no matter what! This blog it therefore “What I Wore This Weekend” with a slightly more endearing title to encourage you to read!


The last days of summer. And they were for Granddad. A chance to get the wheat in and a chance for the little people to get into some big machines, and I mean big! It’s a day out that my kids love. It’s a chance to be with Granddad and tell him all their news while hours pass by together in the cab and a chance to sit in a combine with a few tractor rides to the farm thrown in. Mr.W and I get the opportunity to go for lunch sans kids (probably a once a year treat) in the nearest town which happens to be beautiful Marlow. Happy Days! I love Marlow. A great place to mooch around a few independent boutiques and more unusual interior shops or pop into some posh names you may know like Sweaty Betty; Whistles and The White Company. There’s lots of little alley ways with unusual little shops. At Lister Court tucked away behind the High Street we found SATOLLO. A family run authentic Italian restaurant. Part of me wants to keep it a secret but that just wouldn’t be fair. Sat in the sun outside it truly felt like we had been transported to a little cafe in Sienna. We arrived for coffee (and tea) as we had had our lunch. The food looked too good to miss so we shared a Parma ham panini! It’s safe to say that we won’t be having take away sarnies from M&S when we visit Marlow next time. It’s worth visiting the town just to experience SATOLLO in my opinion. Oh, and BTW the coffee was excellent too.


There was the food. Now here is the fashion. As I explained above, the weekend for me does tend to be jeans, jeans and more jeans. So, here we have an outfit for the weekend with jeans! Tah dah!!! I’m a little obsessed with vintage fit jeans and I’ve customised mine. They arrived with raw hems and I just hacked away a bit more at them and left them with a stepped hem to wear with sandals and anything with an ankle strap. It was a little daunting as they were brand new but I just went for it and everything worked out just fine! My basket bag has been a favourite buy this summer and also my espadrilles. I have to admit to a bit of a collection of espadrilles but I love how they make a simple outfit look continental. Appropriate I felt for my lunchtime (OK, second lunch) setting! I did fork out a bit for mine and took the plunge to buy them from Castaner, the iconic Spanish espadrille makers. I know there’s lots of cheaper copies out there that would do the job but I just love how these fit and the cut of the front is just perfect. Pound for wear they have been well worth it and I know that I will continue to enjoy them for years to come and bore you with them on my blogs for the foreseeable summers of the future!


LINEN BLOUSE – The White Stuff

JEANS – H&M ( sale now and limited sizes)


BASKET – Bohemia Design

WATCH – Fossil

RING – Nomination

NECKLACE – Whistles

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog. If you’re reading it on Bloglovin please hit the like button! Social media works best when people interact with it. I hope it’s not too long before I’m able to post again. I can’t believe that the summer feels so over. The fact that we were able to pick blackberries from the hedgerow was a sign that Autumn is arriving fast. I’ll try not to feel too downhearted with the promise of beautiful coats and cozy knits coming my way courtesy of the new season ahead.



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By SolihullStyle      Aug 12, 2017


And there were a few! On a UK holiday in Cornwall the weather was less than perfect for most of the holiday. We managed to get to the beach by just going for it despite the weather. Once on the beach it didn’t seem so bad and the sun would break through the clouds. Our favourite beaches this time around were Portminster beach and Carbis Bay in St.Ives. Both required a train journey or parking quite a long way from the beach and walking. On the days that were dreary or very wet we had to find alternative activities. One day was a trip to Charlestown Maritime Museum on a very wet day. I can recommend The Longstore restaurant in Charlestown for steak and seafood but be warned it can get very busy for dinner so book! The next was various trips to Mevagissey for fishing over the harbour wall using crab nets with the boys and eating fish and chips on our laps in the wind! Another great day out was a visit to Looe harbour where the boys caught 146 crabs. OK, not the most glamorous of holidays but my kids had so much fun and learnt so much about a different way of life; meeting different people and about having fun spending time together. On a fashion note. Camping and days out in the rain became a challenge from a style perspective. It was more of a survival game than a fashion parade. Getting us all out and about warm and dry was the priority. Basic layers became the building blocks of a casual, comfortable and practical (booo! ha ha!) outfit for stomping around cobbled Cornish streets and blowy harbour bays. A pair of chinos; an oversized denim jacket; a sweatshirt and some shoes I trusted to take me the distance. There may not be much fashion flare or flurish here but I stayed happy, warm and dry with the addition of my pac-a-mac! Once again, no make-up and crazy wind swept hair were the order of the day! If you’ve been reading my holiday blogs you will see there is a great deal of repetition in the items I’m wearing. Believe it or not this was intentional. I posted before I came away on Facebook the outfits I was taking and some ways I make my packing easier. For camping I had to pack light! Very Light! Everything had to work across the board so be prepared to see the same items worn different ways.

1st landscape on location in Charlestown

2nd landscape on location in Mevagissey

3rd landscape on location in Looe


DENIM JACKET – GAP icon oversized jacket

SWEATSHIRT – H&M (old but widely available)

COTTON CHINOS – M&S  (Autograph)

MULE ESPADRILLES – DUNE (sale) they run small, I’m a size 6 but had to size up to size 7 (I’m NEVER a 7!!)

BLOUSE – ZARA (sold out but I like this one!)


Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed it. I wish I could add noise to the last picture as my eldest screamed as the crab tried to have his fingers but I wanted him to hold on so I could get my shot! (bad mom!).



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By SolihullStyle      Aug 09, 2017


My wardrobe is always evolving and each season I take note of what I was missing to make my fashion life run more smoothly! This year was no different and I got to reap the rewards of my efforts! In the sales at the end of last summer I bought this rash vest featured below from SWEATY BETTY. A brand which is well known for it’s stylish and fashion trend led sportswear. I do love their styles but sometimes the price tag is a bit, err, well, ouchy! The sale rail made this little life saver do-able. I like to protect myself in the sun but I still like to enjoy swimming and getting into the sea with the kids, though this rash guard doesn’t offer any insulation unlike a wet suit, it does stop my shoulders and back from burning in the sun. It’s one of the best things I’ve bought and I’d wholly recommend thinking about having one in your swimwear repertoire. BODEN does them in season and various other swimwear brands too. Even though the thought of actually surfing scares the heebie geebies out of me as I’m such a chicken, I still felt like a bit of a surfy dudette in it! Another holiday hero was my OBAG. Gosh I love it so much. Loved it even more this year than last. Filled with sand; covered in suncream or holding the whole families wet swimming stuff, it remained un-phased and easy to clean at the end of a day of fun in the sun. I could put it down anywhere, on sand (particular fun with it’s Obag beach bottom!); on wet grass or at the side of the pool. This year I was gifted some different coloured rope handles. In the picture towards the end of this blog you can see the pic from last year on the left and my bag in the same spot on the right this year. It shows you the versatility of the product whilst also illustrating the fact that it then worked with this seasons’ holiday outfits. My bag now matched my espadrilles so I was good to go!


RASH GUARD – SWEATY BETTY (sale last year but similar here and matching swim bottoms here)

NB: I’m wearing a size small rash guard and a size medium swim bottoms

BEACH BAG – OBAG (Obag Beach classic here)

(long robe handles in black here and in natural here)

SURF BRACELET – OBAG (slim flower bracelet here)


Pics on location at Portminster Beach St.Ives

Pool side pics on location at Tregarton Park St.Austell Cornwall

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading. I think it really pays to think about what was missing from your wardrobe each season and buy accordingly when you’re not panic buying. None of my pictures are filtered or photo shopped, the only changes we might make is to remove a child or holiday maker from the background. All freckles and blemishes are my own! Stay safe in the sun! Every good day by the sea should end with a sleep in the car on the way home; ready salted crisps and a slush puppy! If you’re 8 and 10 anyway!

BTW, The turtle sand sculpture was the work of Mr.W all by his lonesome while the kids played in the sea! Once it was finished my youngest decided to stake his claim on the art work and stand next to it with his chest puffed up; arms crossed and proudly announcing to all the astonished passers by that it was his!!!



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By SolihullStyle      Aug 09, 2017


Before I went on holiday I posted a few outfit ideas on Facebook including a few things that I find helpful when packing to go away. Here’s the thing. What I wear on holiday can be very different to what I’d wear at home for normal daily duties. My day always entails a school run so there’s no way I’d wear denim cut offs then. Holiday, however, is a whole other story. If the sun is shining and everyone is on holiday mode then I’m happy to wear a little less than normal. I’ll wear no make up (except Ultrasun factor 50) and let my hair dry naturally. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t actually like my photo being taken and the thought of a swimsuit shot fills me with dread but it’s the world we live in now with social media that means I have to throw my inhibitions aside and try to smile when my insides are turning! I love wearing blue on holiday. The colour of the sea and the sky. I love my denim shorts and I don’t enjoy buying shorts! I bought them at least a size too big to give them at nice relaxed slouchy vibe and give them a bit more length down the leg. The problem with this was that a loose top felt wrong for me. Too sloppy! This year with the wrap blouse being mahoosive I found something that worked. It balanced out the volume in the bottom half and felt more current and feminine than an over sized T. It’s slightly cropped proportions weren’t a problem with a one piece swimsuit underneath! We were on our hols in Cornwall so the weather was typically very British with scorching sun one day and torrential rain the next. On the best days we headed to Portminster Beach in St.Ives. Last year was all about the bikini but this year I felt the need for a one piece. I’m not sure why? Maybe it was subliminal messages from fashion trends and other blogs that put this little multi-tasker into my radar? Maybe it was that I’ve gotten so used to layering this season with our changeable weather that having an item that could be worn as a top with shorts as well as under shirts made more sense than wearing a bikini? Who knows but it took me a while to find the right one. I wanted a plain back swimsuit without too many straps that would leave tan line. Not that I’m into tanning. I tend to factor up in the sun these days. So, the outfit came together through a love of blue and filling in the gap between my blouse and my shorts!


BLOUSE – ZARA (sale but try new season or H&M)

DENIM SHORTS – (old but widely available)

BARDOT NECKLINE SWIMSUIT – WHISTLES (sale but some sizes still available at Whistles stockists online)




NECKLACE – WHISTLES (sale but I’m pretty sure it’s still available in store?)


Hydrangea pics on location at Tregarton Park St. Austell

seaside and beach pics on location at St.Ives and Portminster Beach St.Ives

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed the post. Portminster beach was idyllic and one of the most beautiful British beaches we’ve visited. We were camping near St.Austell and were by no means glamping! The kids loved it and no one wanted to come home! On a personal note, after all this is a personal blog. I’d like to thank my long suffering husband for taking the photos that are of me. I don’t know how many times, I’m sure he could tell you, that I walked down that path! I’m sure he’s sick of telling me to “smile” because I’m terrified in front of the camera but I’m desperate to get it to be worth looking at and to show the details I’m trying to highlight. Whether it’s an earring; a neckline that can be off the shoulder or on; a bow on the correct side of the photo or a cute shot of my son on his sand mound in the distance!  So, Mr.W, “thank-you!”

PS: re swimsuit. I found it true to size. Often I find with swimwear that I need to size up. Not with this one. I’m wearing a size 10.

Oh, and by the way, if you read my post about buying holiday sunglasses? My £4 Tiger shades lasted the hols and came back in one piece!!!



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By SolihullStyle      Jul 27, 2017


Every once in a while I like to write about beauty products. It’s nice to write about something other than fashion just for a change. This blog has come about on the back of my Facebook posts about making holiday packing easier. The products I’ll be taking on my hols take on the same ethos as my clothing. They’ll need to multi-task and they’ll need to work. For this reason I will only take products I know and trust to perform. So, from top pic to bottom:-

A’kin Pure Radiance rose hip oil

Available from Waitrose and Holland and Barrett and other online beauty products boutiques. I use this facial oil at night after cleansing. I love anything natural and this oil contains no sulphates; no parabens; no silicones; no ethoxylated cleansers; no pegs; no phthalates; no mineral oil; no artificial colours; no synthetic fragrances and no animal derivatives. It quite simply does what it says on the tin and delivers radiance to the skin. It is completely natural and doesn’t smell how you’d expect a posh product to smell. I think it smells like grass? I find this quite comforting actually knowing that I’m not using something that smells highly of fragrance but it might disappoint some?

L’Occitane 100% pure Shea butter

This tiny little pot is great for packing light and providing relief from dry skin. Fabulous for an outdoorsy holiday or a holiday in the sun. I used it for the kids too as it’s so natural. From dry patches on the hands to chapped lips.

Label M (Toni and Guy) Lemongrass shampoo and conditioner

Now this smells divine! I get on best with shampoos that do not contain sulphates as I have naturally curly hair and I can be prone to a sensitive scalp. I’ve found this stuff to work the best for me as an every day shampoo that neither dries my hair out or weighs it down. My hair drinks up the conditioner rather than letting it “sit” on the surface.


I don’t mind admitting that I had issues with my hair through health problems and bereavement. I’m growing my hair again now and there’s nothing quite like the summer months for boosting it’s growing capacity. I’ve been using these supplements for a year or so and I strongly believe I wouldn’t have got this far with growing it without these vitamins. I will continue to take them on holiday to support my hair through it’s growth spurt! Available from Hairburst and from Holland and Barrett who often have offers on supplements.


I quite simply trust Ultrasun.  My eldest is very pale but, if I use the sun cream (factor 50+) for the body correctly, he has never burnt and it really has lasted all day and even in and out of the water as kids do. I always use the face version. On a normal everyday basis I’ll use the factor 30 but on holiday I’ll use factor 50 if I’m out and about in any kind of sun. Available at lots of retailers now from John Lewis and Waitrose to Superdrug and online (QVC often has great offers).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little read. I realise that we are all different and expect different things from our beauty regime but, as I said before, it’s nice to change things up a little. I’ll be off on my hols soon so I may not get time to post the “outfits blog” before I go but I’ll do it as soon as I can. In brief, I tried to pack by outfit, making sure that I keep shoes and accessories to a minimum. I have posted a few tips on Facebook if you want to take a look. I will have to make a little confession and admit that I am finding it particularly challenging to keep shoes to a realist number in my case!!! Wish me luck! Thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoy your summer holidays no matter where you are.





By SolihullStyle      Jul 23, 2017


When it comes to illustrating what a brand is all about I sometimes think that images can speak loader than words. When a product is as fun and as individually diverses as OBAG it can be difficult to explain all the different ways these bags can be put together to suit your own individual style. That’s why OBAG invited me to come and see their new products. The team are so passionate about the brand and would love you to come and visit them at their showroom to see the bags, watches and accessories first hand for yourself and let them demonstrate all the different ways you can make your bag reflect your own personality. All the bags come fully interchangeable from the body; to the strap; to the interior inserts to the added accessories and bag charms. There’s new styles in house (including a fabulous soft back pack); new colours; new fabrics and new accessories. Visit online too to see the full collection at The team are excited to introduce their new “Flower Power” styles which feature ditzy little floral motifs in a range of colours. There’s definitely something for everyone and I loved the neutral shade bags this season and I still have a soft spot for my OBAG beach which may feature  on the holiday blog with new neutral robe handles! With a massive trend this season for all things in natural shades, Obag has it covered.  My personal favourite was this milky coloured large “moon” bag. So, feast your eyes on some of the style options I photographed on my visit to the showroom and please be encouraged to pay the team a visit.


I hope you enjoyed this blog. It’s been a while I know since I sat down and wrote a blog but hopefully over the summer school hols I’ll get a chance to post some more. I’m not a full time blogger as I have a very busy personal shooping business. I do this for fun and to promote local businesses where I can. This is not a sponsored post. It’s done for free so all opinions are my own. You may or may not know that OBAG has closed it’s store in Touchwood in Solihull. As I said above, please feel free to call the OBAG showroom and pop along ( Unit 30 Monkspath Business Park, B90 4NZ TEL: 0845 5196161). They would be so excited to hear from you and would love to explain the products in more detail. Really, the range and options within it are endless. I’ve always thought that some of the bags (especially the Flower Power range) would be so great for young girls. My OBAG Beach was the best beach bag I’ve ever used on holiday. It was totally suncream and kids wet cozie friendly! Nothing phased it what so ever! Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great summer!





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By SolihullStyle      Feb 05, 2017


The reality was that it became a bit of a survival game. It was definitely not one stylish outfit after another! My family went from one cold flu virus to the next in the weeks I wasn’t working. As normal December and January are quiet for me on the work front but busy on the family front planning Christmas and getting through the January blues. Things are going to go crazy now and the diary is already filling up with bookings for Spring/Summer wardrobe weeds and shopping days. I’m excited to see the new season trends coming through and I’ve been posting some new season treats on my Facebook page. I have to admit that I bought very little this season and lived in my studded ZARA leather belt. That was twenty quid well spent! I bought a few brightly coloured sweaters to take me into Spring including a fuchsia cashmere knit in the sales. Fuchsia is going to be everywhere so have a root around in those wardrobes ladies!!!  The saving grace this Winter was that at least down coats were a massive fashion trend! I’m going to burn this one by next winter and when I buy a new one it will NOT be black! Today’s post is purely a bit of fun to pretty much sum up my Sundays this Winter. The role of mum was just to endure the cold and sit and watch!  There are thermals too and not a stiletto in sight!! A day of family fun; rugby; sausage baps; hot baths and the best instant hot chocolate!



















We weren’t in Ireland so I have absolutely no idea what the pub sign was all about? Hopefully next time I can bring some change of season looks your way. Thank you for reading!